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Wes Anderson-inspired save-the-date video is brilliant (VIDEO)


Couples who work really well together tend to have a similar aesthetic. When those couples get married, that aesthetic is very apparent in the wedding details. Since save-the-dates have become a bigger part of wedding planning in recent years, that “couple style” makes its mark there too. It’s like a little preview for what will be in store for guests on the actual wedding day. Jon Sukarangsan and Jess Lau took this preview idea to a whole other level.

Jon Sukarangsan and Jess Lau are from Manhattan and both love Wes Anderson movies. More specifically, they love the style in which the quirky film director shoots his movies. Since they are both in creative marketing, it makes sense that they would use their business skills for pleasure.

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Sukarangsan and Lau are often described by their friends as the “creative couple.” Thus when it came time to announce their marriage to family and friends, they knew they wanted to make it memorable. Now the world gets to benefit from their Wes Anderson-esque save-the-date video.

“We don’t always have the same taste in everything, but one thing we always agree on is that Wes Anderson’s aesthetic is brilliant,” Lau told The Huffington Post. Not only is it a wonderful homage to the director they both admire, it highlights an aspect of the couple that makes them work so well together. My favorite moments are the carefully curated items they both individually have, and the final shot of them meeting in perfect symmetry. These two sure know how to utilize style to tell a story — just like Anderson.

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Much of the footage is actually taken from home movies they made together on romantic getaways and spur-of-the-moment adventures. But it all has that quirky, fairy-tale feel for which Wes Anderson is famous.

The couple met in 2008 when Lau was president of a non-profit that was throwing a fundraiser for New York City charities. Her groom-to-be came to the event to learn about the planning side of marketing, and ended up taking Lau (with whom he was “just friends” at the time) out for pizza. When the owner of the pizzeria asked him if Lau was his wife, he replied simply, “not yet.” What a cinematic line, huh?

The couple’s wedding is planned for Sept. 2015, and will take place at a B&B up in the Catskills. Here’s to a follow-up video from the wedding!

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Images: Jon Sukarangsan/Vimeo

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