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7 Signs your sig-o is about to propose

I had visions of sparkly diamonds, filmy white dresses and everlasting love dancing in my head for years. And then finally … I met him. And then I waited. When he did ask me to marry him, he got me good. I was clueless, and I loved it. But there are always signs your sig-o is going to propose.

I talked to Brides Executive Editor Lauren Iannotti to get the scoop. Here are seven signs your partner just might be planning a proposal.

1. One of your rings disappears

If one of your rings mysteriously vanishes and reappears, you might be this close to being engaged. How else are they supposed to know what size your finger is? “The ring going missing is a dead giveaway,” Iannotti dishes. “It’s classic.” If he’s got a really savvy coach, he’ll pick one you don’t wear that often, she says.

2. He seems edgy for no apparent reason

If your partner has suddenly been acting jumpy and you’re not sure why, this could be it. And usually not because he isn’t sure he can go through with it, despite the cliché. “They’re nervous either because they want it to be perfect or because they just bought this very, very expensive piece of jewelry,” says Iannotti. “The longer they hold onto it, the more they freak out.” And it’s kinda sorta one of the biggest moments in both your lives. “They want to give their future fiancée a great story to tell.”

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3. You’re going on a trip soon

If you’ve got a big trip coming up to Paris, an island or some other exotic place, you might come back with a ring on it. Ditto if he’s randomly planned a romantic weekend getaway. “Out of the blue, he’s like, I thought I’d plan something — remember that place where we had our first kiss, or the first beach we hung out at in Mexico?” Iannotti says. It should clue you in “if he’s suddenly a travel agent and you’re usually the one who handles the arrangements. The key here is a change in behavior.”

4. He’s been spending QT with your parents — and liking it

This one totally happened to me, and I missed it. My husband tagged along with my parents when they went to the pool one summer day after I’d decided to stay home. He doesn’t swim. I did vaguely wonder about it, yes, but the ditzy in me dominated. “If he’s trying to get alone time with them lately, that’s a good indicator,” Iannotti says. “He’s probably trying to get their blessing.”

5. He’s acting strange

If your guy is acting differently but you can’t quite put your finger on it — he’s switched from early bird to night owl, for instance — he might be plotting your proposal behind the scenes. “It could be that he’s really thinking it out,” Iannotti points out. “He could be researching flash mobs at Disney or helicopter rides. The pressure is heavy!”

6. You catch him snooping

If you see that he’s been scanning your Pinterest wedding board or leafing through a copy of your bridal magazines, says Iannotti, that’s a pretty good sign he’s got a proposal on the brain. And of course, you could turn the tables and do a little digging of your own… but resist the urge! Don’t you want to be surprised?

7. He’s saving money like crazy

“If he suddenly starts scrimping and seems to be more careful with money, that’s to save for the ring and to save up for your life together,” explains Iannotti.

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Now that you have all these signs a proposal is in the air, forget them. And definitely don’t say a word!

“Don’t act on them!” warns Iannotti. “Guys get so nervous about it, and they really want this moment to be perfect. Don’t mess it up for them!”

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