8 Rom-com love clichés that are actually true

In rom-coms, there are a ton of cheesy moments that never fail to come back up (you know, along with our lunch). The perfectly awkward meet-cute. The “I hate you… wait nope, I love you” story line. The running through airport security. The love scene where every shadow is placed just right. Sure, they’re probably Hollywood’s way of making us feel chronically disappointed about our love lives, but every so often Hollywood gets it right.

1. The career-obsessed woman can have it all

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There are many a driven woman out there whose love life isn’t the biggest priority to her. She’s very efficient with how she spends her time, and doesn’t want to waste it on the silliness that is the dating pool. But when the right guy comes along, look out world. Women can’t have it all my ass.

2. The crumbling life

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That thing where you’re fired, cheated on and evicted all in the same day and your life as you know it is over. You might not experience these exact Armageddon moments, but a rendition of them that will push you to take more risks in life is real. We all face that turning point eventually.

3. The awkward run-in

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These really do happen, except usually you’re not meeting the love of your life — you’re bumping into your ex and his hot new girlfriend while dressed in whatever outfit leftovers you managed to find that weren’t dirty. Also, granny panties.

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4. The lonely montage

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The lonely montage lets us know how torn up the main character is about missing out on their one true love: The walking in the rain, the binge-eating, the self-help books. For many of us single ladies, this is called “the weekend.”

5. The rebound

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Followed by the horrifying morning-after discovery that you’ve either just slept with your sworn enemy or your best friend. (Which these days can be the same person.) But instead of the two of you falling in love, you’ll participate in some uber-awkward pillow talk before doing a slow fade out of each other’s lives.

6. The (maybe) reformed man whore

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Many women just can’t resist a fixer-upper. I mean, there’s a great guy in there somewhere, right? And they always make a really promising case. The only difference between the movie version and the real-life version is we seem to end up ditched somewhere around the lonely montage.

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7. The sparkless kiss

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You finally get to kiss the man of your dreams and… cue sad trombone. No fireworks for you. There wasn’t even enough spark to light a match.

8. The friends with benefits agreement

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Seriously, when will we ever learn?


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