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The wedding dress line perfect for a picky bride on a budget


So you know those wedding shows on TLC that suck you in when you least expect it? Well, they have a new one and the very best part is the adorable (and genius) dress designer who runs the show.

Bride by Design features Heidi Elnora and her Alabama boutique and it’s like Say Yes to the Dress with all the glam but less of the drama. In other words, the good stuff. As she says, “No crazy drama because there’s plenty of that inside my head [already].”

She designs custom gowns for brides that want to wear a dress no one else will ever be able to, but she also has a genius line of dresses called Build-A-Bride that lets brides start from scratch and build their own gown.

It’s like the Chipotle of wedding dresses. Choose your silhouette (burrito, bowl, a-line?), choose your add-ons (rice, beans, lace, sparkle?), and be on your merry way. It’s really pretty genius. See for yourself (and catch the show Friday nights on TLC at 9:30/8:30c).

“Build-A-Bride is awesome because it helps girls as a bride really define her shape and it helps to also define her personality,” says Heidi. “It helps you to stay focused on your shape.” Which is what every bride wants accentuated right? So simple, so genius.

I had to ask Heidi what her most common request is from brides who just can’t find that gown. “There is one thing that everyone wants and that’s a tiny little waist.” Thank you, Beyoncé.

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