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8 Ways your gyno knows you better than anyone

There’s nothing that leaves a woman more vulnerable than being propped up on an exam table like a roast pig. Sure, the gown’s drafty and you haven’t flashed anyone like this since the bachelorette party incident of ’05, but there’s truly nothing to be uncomfortable about. I mean, who knows you better than your gyno? (You know, besides no one.)

1. Your gyno knows your exact number

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There’s the number you tell your friends — then there’s your real number. Your gyno’s there for you throughout your romcom of a life in the most non-judgy way possible: Relationship ups and downs, FWBs, breakups, engagements, marriages… and sex injuries. You name it, there’s nobody better to turn to with all that honesty of yours.

2. Your gyno knows every sex blooper you’ve ever starred in

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“Sometimes, what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas, but comes right on home with you,” says obstetrician-gynecologist Janet Williams, M.D. “We’ll be there to check things out when you get home.”

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3. Your gyno’s more familiar with your vagina than your sig o

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And you sometimes wish she could break girl code just this once and forward him a manual.

4. Your gyno loves all of your questions

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In life, we’re very picky and choosy over what we talk about and what we hide from others — even our besties. But, you really can ask your gyno anything, no matter how silly you think it is. “I’ve been asked about supposed wrinkle remedies they’ve heard of, best ways to get rid of a yeast infection, should they wax or shave,” says women’s health expert Rosemarie Hornak, C.N.M., M.S. “The pen gets put down, we talk, and it’s simply listed in the chart as ‘counseled.'”

5. Your gyno’s there for all your neuroses

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“The most fulfilling outcome of a women’s health evaluation is reassuring a patient that she’s going to be OK when she feared something was wrong,” says board-certified OB-GYN Antonio Pizarro, M.D. “Input from friends or family, the Internet and even from other physicians can lead women to fear when fear is not needed.”


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6. Your gyno’s helped you fish objects from your nether regions

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“What better time to ask, ‘Hey, I think I lost something in there, could you take a look?'” says Hornak.

7. Your gyno’s there for you through thick and thin

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“We’re there through every pregnancy stage and share in the joy of your baby’s birth,” says Williams. “We hold your hand through the bad, sad and scary stuff too: Miscarriages and surgery happen, and we’re there for it all.”

8. Your gyno’s sworn to secrecy — literally

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Sure, your bestie promises to keep your secrets… but really, after a few cocktails, it’s a crapshoot. Your gyno, on the other hand, swore an oath. And that’s just not something you mess with. So, go ahead. Spill.

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