100 Years of fitness in one amazing video (WATCH)

Working out has always been one of those things that goes through certain fads. One year it’s really in to do yoga, the next Pilates is in and the next is Zumba. But whatever the latest fad is, working out is always in style.

The video, created by Benenden, a UK-based health care company, attempts to show every decade of health and fitness fads for the past 100 years. And it is enlightening.


It’s amazing the way women’s fitness trends have evolved from light stretches in 1910 to much more intense aerobic activity and dance in recent years. They left out a bunch of fads, naturally. CrossFit is a huge one right now because, although it has many detractors, it’s the one workout where women and men are pretty much expected to do the same things. There is no distinction in terms of lifting and working out.

For women, working out has always been a strange thing fraught with concern. Will I get too muscular? Look too masculine? It’s nice to see the trend moving toward light movements into something more intense.

I know for me, working out is as much about mental health as it is about the physical. I can’t wait to see where the next 100 years take us. Let’s hope it’s somewhere exciting. I don’t love CrossFit, but I love the idea that women can (and should) be just as strong and sweaty and hard working as men.

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