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Could you OM your way to fulfilment and happiness?


If you still undress in the dark in front of your partner you’re probably not going to be up for the trend sweeping the U.K. But orgasmic meditation might be just what you need to lose those inhibitions — or gain a whole lot more.

Orgasmic meditation (OM) was started years ago by San Francisco company OneTaste and has turned into something of a trend here in the U.K., with thousands of Brits focusing on the clitoris to connect on a deeper level.

Yes, that’s right, ladies, OM is all for us. Or is it? According to TurnON Britain, a U.K. affiliate of OneTaste who offer OM classes and private coaching in London, it’s all about “expanding the sweet spot of the most pleasurable part of orgasm… a way to be sexual without all that complicated sex stuff.” And men benefit from it too apparently: “OM allows a man to access his innate capacity for sympathetic pleasure (the ability to enjoy the pleasure of their partner). He learns that he never strokes to please her. He strokes for his pleasure and begins to feel her Orgasm in his body. His partner learns to relax and not worry whether or not he is enjoying himself. OM then becomes one of mutual enjoyment and connection.”

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A way to ease yourself gently into the world of OM — without showing your vajajay — is to take their online Orgasm Barometer Quiz: “How Orgasmic is Your Life?” Questions such as “How do you view sex in your life?,” “Do you sometimes just get excited for no reason?” and “What do you think of swearing?” will provide you with a free “Orgasm Diagnosis.” You can then decide whether you want to take the plunge into the world of OM, which does sound like a pretty amazing place. Aside from the obvious benefit for the recipient, TurnON Britain extol various other benefits of OMing from an increased libido and greater energy levels to reduced stress levels and a clearer sense of what you want (from all aspects of life, not just in the bedroom).

TurnON Britain also provides online training for those who want to “harness the power of orgasm” but find lying on the floor and having your intimate parts stroked for 15 minutes in front of strangers a little bizarre/downright terrifying.

Video credit: OneTaste/YouTube

Have you ever tried orgasmic meditation? Would you? Let us know in the comments below.

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