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Epic Disney World wedding proposal leaves us in tears

With so many elaborate wedding proposals out there, it takes a lot to grab our attention and tickle our heartstrings. But this did it: A man proposed to his boyfriend in Disney World in a beautiful, classy way that makes us really want a wedding invite.

Gavin Hatch assumed he was going out for a few drinks with close friends at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort. Instead, he was stopped by messenger number 1 and handed a card written by his boyfriend Patrick. In it, Patrick told him how much he loved him and began to explain why he was standing on the Boardwalk at that moment in time.

Gavin walked on and was greeted by a second messenger, then a third and fourth — all of whom handed him similar cards that reminded him about how they met at that very spot and how he’s “it” and Patrick doesn’t have to look anymore. He then dropped a major hint about what was about to happen when he revealed he’s excited to call him his “husband.”

What happened next involves dancing and lots of it. Patrick either hired professional dancers or knows a lot of talented people because the group that performed Katy Perry’s “Unconditionally” for Gavin is outstanding. The groom-to-be was treated to a flawless, classy dance routine, followed by — what else? — a proposal made by a man who clearly thinks he is the sun, moon and stars.

I hate to say it, but some of the epic proposals that have gone viral in the last few years seem to have been created with the creator’s needs and lust for attention in mind. This is the complete opposite. Every thoughtful gesture Patrick conceived of was done to make his future husband happy. And, as you’ll see, it worked like a charm.

Here’s their beautiful Disney proposal:

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