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Sophie Hunter wed Benedict Cumberbatch in a stunning lace gown (PHOTO)

After much speculation and wishful thinking, we finally got to see Mrs. Cumberbatch’s fantastic Valentino wedding dress. Sophie Hunter is in love and expecting, but I’m sure she has more on her mind than thank-you cards.

Imagine it: You’re a brilliant Oxford-educated theater director, actress and singer. You’ve been friends with this cute guy, Benedict, for 17 years. You even acted opposite him in 2009’s Burlesque Fairytales. Then, suddenly, you’re famous… because of a wedding.

As of today, we finally got to see the much-discussed wedding dress of Mrs. Benedict Cumberbatch, previously known as Sophie Hunter. The big unveil and article comes in next month’s Vogue, but we got a preview on Valentino’s Instagram.

It is a dream gown: According to E! News, “a Valentino confection with long, sheer sleeves and floor-sweeping floral-lace train… The gown, which is an ethereal silver hue, was custom-made for the occasion.” Well, duh. I’ll bet designers were standing in line for a shot at Sophie.

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Benedict and Sophie were married on Valentine’s Day in a very hush-hush ceremony on the Isle of Wight. No details were released, not even the identity of the best man, although the swanky attire worn by Tom Hiddleston for the occasion does give us a hint. After all, he and Benedict are best pals.

The Cumberbatches have been secretive from the start, announcing their engagement the old-fashioned way: in The Times. And in case you’ve been living under a rock, Sophie is expecting, as well.

As a dedicated member of the CumberCollective, it’s been wonderful seeing Benedict on the red carpet with a beautiful woman. The sweetest part? Benedict must realize the insanity that is his life, because every time they’re posing for photographs, he pauses long enough to ask if Sophie is OK.

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A valid question! There is, of course, the argument that love conquers all, but a girl has to wonder: How is Sophie holding up under all this pressure? For one thing, she’s been attacked online due to her romantic affiliation with the world’s current “It-Boy.” Girls literally bemoaned the Cumberbatch nuptials on Twitter, claiming their lives were now over since Benedict could not be theirs.

I think Sophie has a pretty good head on her shoulders. I mean, she’s obviously smart and obscenely multi-talented, but a person could go blind from all the flash bulbs surrounding her new husband. With his mad schedule, where is the free time spent together? With photographers always on his heels, where is the privacy?

Love is a magical, mystical thing, and both Benedict and Sophie seem secure enough to keep their relationship together. I do wonder if they’ll ever release a wedding photo. And with Baby-Batch in the oven, will we ever get a glimpse of the child? Do we even have the right to ask?

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The upcoming Vogue article is the first time many of us have even heard Sophie speak. In it, famed photographer Annie Leibovitz tells Sophie that she seems very grounded. Sophie’s reply? “When two people meet and it’s the right combination, it does ground you suddenly.” Thank goodness, because the earth below her is literally shaking with paparazzi and crazy female fans.

Benedict always talked about wanting to be a husband and a father. One of his most famous quotes? When asked who he’d most like to meet: “The mother of my children and I’d ask them to take a deep breath and if they fancied a drink.”

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