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Colorblind people see colors for the first time in moving video (WATCH)

Most of us take color for granted. Every day, we wake up and the sky is blue. The sun sets and shows us brilliant reds and oranges and burnt colors so beautiful, we nearly cry. But that’s not how it is for people who are born colorblind. Now it’s all changing.

Valspar’s Color for the Colorblind video makes it clear just how much of life depends on our ability to see color. The video was made in partnership with EnChroma, a company that makes glasses that allow some to see color for the first time. It is incredibly moving to see various colorblind people use EnChroma’s glasses to experience the full spectrum of the world for the first time. See below:

It’s so easy to take things for granted in our world. I wake up mad because it’s cold outside another day or because I got up late and don’t have the time to do all the things I want. It never occurs to me to appreciate the way the eggplant I am cutting is so brilliantly purple or the way the bell peppers in my omelet lend such a distinctive rainbow of color.

I don’t look at my baby’s perfectly blue eyes or appreciate the green that complements the white tile in my kitchen. None of us do. Color is just a part of what we see.

For colorblind people, none of that is true. The world is gray. Always.

In this video, the joy is palpable. They are seeing everything through new eyes. How lucky we are to not have to wear glasses. How lucky we are to see a rainbow and identify all its colors. Every time I wake up in a bad mood, I will think of this video and marvel. It’s a privilege to be in this world. It’s a privilege to see what we see. Let’s not take it for granted.

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