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Woman runs her first 10k and has a Kodak moment at the finish line

When an inspiring woman struggles near the end of a race, a police officer helps her across the finish line.

Asia Ford has been working hard to change her life. She has lost a total of 217 pounds — so far — and recently ran her first 10K. When Lt. Aubrey Gregory of the Louisville Metro Police grabbed her hand to help her across the finish line, a camera was there to catch the beautiful moment on film, and I’m so glad it was.

Ford has been struggling with her weight for years and finally decided to make drastic changes a couple of years ago. She says that every time she went to the doctor’s office, she was told her life was essentially in danger, and one day, she decided to do something about it.

After radically changing her lifestyle, she’s well on the way to success, having lost over 200 pounds. She cites her three children as her inspiration for becoming healthier, and she recently became determined to run — and finish — her first 10K.

However, as the run went on, she found it became more and more difficult. As with any race, EMS was on site, and they made sure to check on her, as they do anyone who appears to be struggling. However, even though she was having a difficult time, she told them she had no intention of stopping. That was when Gregory stepped in. “And I said, I’m not going to let her stop,” he told WILX. “We’re going to do this together. I got out. She grabbed my hand. I grabbed her hand.” With the officer on her left and her son clutching her hand on the right, they advanced toward the finish line.

The moment she crossed the line was captured with a camera, and it speaks volumes — the triumphant relief of Ford, the steady arm of Gregory, the ambulance in the background. It brings tears to my eyes. She is an inspiration not only to those who have seen the photos (as of this writing, it has 1.4 million “likes” on Facebook), but most important, to her kids. They have an amazing role model to look up to.

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