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Vitamin-packed snacks your kids will actually like


If you are like most parents, snack time can be a toss up. You want something quick and easy but you are also looking for something more nutritious than your typical cheese and crackers or baked good.


t In fact, I often hear from parents that they find that feeding their kids a healthy snack can be more of a challenge than a healthy meal. Finding wholesome snacks with clean ingredients is key to your child’s overall wellness and nutrition. Here are six snacks that you can feel good about giving your kids any time of day!

Antioxidants: Make snack time fun


t Getting your little ones to eat their veggies is not always an easy task but giving them something to squeeze makes it all more fun! The Happy Tot Fiber & Protein pouches from Happy Family are a blend of organic fruits and vegetables with 3 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber in each package. Available in two delicious flavors: pear, raspberry, butternut squash, carrot and pear, blueberry and spinach, this snack is rich in vitamins A and C, is loaded with antioxidants and is perfect for the car or can easily be added into a smoothie.

t Image: Happy Family

Vitamin B

t Hummus has become America’s favorite dip, and for good reason. Chickpeas are the number one ingredient, and boast a very attractive nutrition profile. Chickpeas are high in fiber, folic acid (B9), vitamin B6 and iron. The B6 vitamin is needed for proper brain development and function, and also to make the hormones serotonin and norepinephrine, which affect our mood. Two heaping spoonfuls of Sabra hummus count as approximately 1/4 cup of beans, which yields 4 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber. This is a great dip for crackers or veggies and makes a delicious spread on your child’s turkey sandwich. I love the portable 2-ounce serving singles as they pack perfectly in your kid’s lunchbox.

t Image: Sabra

Vitamin C

t If you are looking for a fun snack that will give your child 100 percent of their daily vitamin C value, check out Annie’s playful Bernie’s Farm Fruit Snacks. They’re certified organic, made in fun barnyard shapes and colored using real fruit and vegetable extracts like beet, blueberry and carrot to help teach kids where food comes from. The delicious snacks are free of high fructose syrup and void of any synthetic dyes or artificial ingredients.

t Image: Annie’s Homegrown

Vitamin E

t As of the four fat-soluble vitamins in our diet, vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant which can improve your child’s immune system and help them fight off germs. Sunflower seeds are one of the most nutrient-rich sources of vitamin E and they are also the number one ingredient in Somersault Snacks. In addition to the vitamin E, these crunchy nuggets also contain 6 grams of protein, heart healthy fats and 3 grams of fiber/serving. Their fun packaging makes this a snack your kids will love!

t Image: Somersault Snacks

Protein power

t If you are looking for an energy snack bar look no further that the Zbar from CLIF. Not only are they made with 8 grams of organic whole grains and contain 12 essential vitamins and minerals that kids need, they are also a great source of complex carbohydrates. When combined with protein and fiber, these bars will help stabilize your child’s energy levels and keep them fuller longer. I love the chocolate chip flavor as it is reminiscent of homemade cookies with the added nutrient boost to keep the little ones healthy and happy, not to mention they are perfect for both the lunch box or backpack!


Brain boosting grains

t If you are looking for a snack made with whole grains, protein and healthy fats, check out The KIND Healthy Grains Cinnamon Oat Clusters with Flax Seeds from KIND Snacks. These clusters are a combination of five super grains (amaranth, quinoa, millet, buckwheat, and gluten free oats) plus crunchy, heart-healthy and brain-boosting flaxseeds. Each 1/2 cup serving is an excellent source of fiber and contains 32 grams of whole grains. Top your Greek yogurt with these clusters for an added protein boost.



t Image: KIND Snacks



t Rania is a Nutritionist Spokeswoman for Somersault Snacks. Her son Amir is also a fan of the Cinnamon Crunch flavor as he enjoys them with a cup of milk for his mid-afternoon snack!

t Image: PhotoAlto/Michele Constantini/Getty Images

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