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Lawmakers wear IUD earrings to highlight the best birth control options

Would you ever wear your birth control on your ears? That’s exactly what a group of Colorado lawmakers did with their IUD earrings in order to make a point about free birth control. And let me tell you, it was a beautiful thing.

Colorado lawmakers are wearing the special earrings to show support for a bill that would fund the Colorado Family Planning Initiative. The initiative provides IUDs and other reversible contraceptives and is due to expire at the end of June.

The earrings are made by Virginia Smith, an Etsy jeweler and gynecologist, and are meant to highlight a form of birth control that many women overlook because of a bad history. And also because IUDs are amazing.

I have had an IUD for more than six years now. I have also had one removed, had another child and then replaced it with a new one. I have had sex hundreds of times. Spontaneous, great sex. I never got pregnant. Then, when it was time to get pregnant, I removed it, was pregnant within weeks, had a healthy full-term baby and then put it back in. No hormones. No discomfort. It’s the best birth control out there.

Unfortunately, some would have us believe otherwise.

Many opponents say because of how the IUD works (it prevents implantation) that it is actually like a very early abortion. It’s an absolutely ridiculous notion, but it has kept women from using this form of birth control. It’s a real shame. Women have very few completely reversible, hormone-free options. Why shouldn’t they try this one?

I’d wear these earrings. I’d shout it from the mountains. IUDs are the best birth control out there. Use them. Love them. Appreciate them.

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