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10 Sexiest jobs for men aren’t at all what we expect

When you think of “sexiest jobs for men,” I highly doubt the first thing that comes to mind is CEO. Or even if it does, I really, really doubt that “engineer” enters into your thoughts. Or marketing executive. A new poll reveals that the top 10 “sexiest jobs for men” are actually none of the ones I would have named at all.

Date-auction website looked at 145,000 men to see what job landed them the most dates online. It breaks down like this:

1. CEO / Entrepreneur

 2. Financial Advisor

 3. Software Developer

 4. Lawyer

 5. Business Consultant

 6. Physician

 7. Real Estate Developer

 8. Marketing / Advertising Executive

 9. Architect

 10. Engineer

Um, excuse me?

A press release from the site says: “results reveal that female users find men in power the sexiest.”

Who did they interview for this? Men’s Rights Activists in skirts? The stereotypes about women are just over the top here. Plus, it’s just plain wrong. I mean, my own husband is an engineer and I love him with all my heart and find him insanely sexy. But his job? That’s not why.

Personally, I think there aren’t sexy jobs, perse. There are men with passion for their work who love what they do and those men are hot. Of course, not all my friends agreed. I did an informal Facebook poll and found that women in my circles prefer jobs like:

1.) Fireman: Hello?! How was this ever left off?! Duh.

2.) Human rights worker: Because wanting to save humanity is pretty darn hot if you ask… anyone!

3.) War photographer: Obvious reasons. What’s more manly than this?

4.) Veterinarian: It’s hard to imagine a sexier profession than one who has made his life’s work all about treating animals.

5.) Professors: Hot for teacher, anyone?

6.) FBI Agents: Justice is hot.

You’ll note not a single one of these professions is a major money maker. Women are looking for men who are kind to animals, have passion for the world and their work, and who aren’t afraid of a little danger. We don’t want money. We want a hero.

Next up? What about women? What are the sexiest jobs women can do. Stay tuned, but my guess is that a woman with a gun will be somewhere on that list. Even I know that’s hot.

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