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New injectables promise to super charge your sex life


A new injection available for both men and women promises to turbo charge the sensation in a man’s penis and a woman’s clitoris, promising better sex than ever. If you can stomach doing it.

The Priapus shot costs about $1,500 and is supposed to initiate tissue and blood vessel growth that brings greater sensation to the area. Read: Better orgasms. The treatment takes about half an hour and is supposed to be permanent. Not bad, right?

The shots are becoming so popular, they were even in the gift baskets given out at the Academy Awards. Weird, but kind of cool, right? They also promise to make penises even bigger.

Generally speaking, I think plastic surgery and injectables are a bad thing. After all, why not just be happy with ourselves as we are? We were made this way for a reason. But in this case, I can kind of support it. Because sexual dysfunction is a serious problem.

The inability to orgasm (or difficulty in doing so) would affect every aspect of one’s life. In marriage, it might mean less sex, which could lead to less happiness overall. Sex is a stress reliever, an anti-aging shot and an anti-depressant. And it’s not just about intercourse. The orgasm is part of it.

Sadly, for many people, getting to orgasm is difficult to impossible. So why not give those people a little boost? If someone’s life can be improved by a simple shot, I say why not?

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