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Woman discusses how her enormous breasts kept her from love


Kristy Love has natural 38NN breasts and she is finally looking for love after years of letting her breasts hold her back. The 36-year-old adult massage therapist is featured on TLC’s Strange Love and her quest is strange, indeed.

Love says ever since she was a little girl that her breasts have held her back from finding her one true mate.

You know, I feel for Kristy. When you have one body part that is so defining (look at Kim Kardashian), it really is hard to be seen as something more than that one thing (or, er, two things, I guess).

Even Love’s job has become about her breasts. And while going on TV might seem like a strange thing to do, it’s also easy to see how given her profession and her likely appeal to men with a big fetish, it might be hard for her to find real, true love.

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It’s a shame in our culture that there is so much emphasis placed on the outward appearance, especially when it comes to breasts. For women who have large breasts (even those much smaller than Love’s), there are a lot of jerks out there who really want to cop a feel but who aren’t interested in much more.

I know I was on the receiving end of this a lot in my single days. I am not as big as Love, but I certainly wasn’t small (34DD). My friends would tell me how lucky I was to get male attention, but in my experience, 99.9 percent of it was from men who were not “in it for the right reasons” (as they say on The Bachelor). When I did find true love, it was with men who liked those parts of me, but liked my brain a whole lot more.

I really hope Love can find that, too. She has her last name going for her. I say: Why not?!

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