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10 Things only introverts will understand

Introverts are so easily misunderstood, and it probably doesn’t help that we aren’t willing to open ourselves up enough to explain the core of our beings. Let’s clear up a few things about this wonderful, interesting, complex segment of our population, shall we?

Our society is having a love affair with extroverts. There’s a special place in our nation’s heart for the life-of-the-party Bill Clintons, the whatever-will-he-say-next Charlie Sheens and the which-body-part-will-be-revealed-next Kim Kardashians.

Introverts are often mistaken for being shy, awkward and even unfriendly — labels we totally don’t deserve! While a hundred million extroverts are out there in the world making new friends, we stayed home on a Saturday night to create this list of 10 things only the quietest, most contemplative members of our society will understand.

1. How it feels when someone sits next to you on a long flight or train ride

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…and they talk and talk and talk.

2. When you get invited to another party

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It’s what you really wish you could say to another mom at the umpteenth birthday party your extroverted child has been invited to this month.

3. When a friend cancels on you

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You’re a tiny bit disappointed… until you think of all the things you can do alone.

4. When you can finally afford to not need a roommate

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How it felt when you realized you could finally pay the rent without a roommate.

5. That group assignments never actually involve the whole group

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… even though your teacher insisted they’re good for you.

6. Someone schedules an impromptu meeting without notice

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When your boss holds an open discussion at a company meeting without preparing you in advance and giving you time to contemplate what you’ll say.

7. Going to the movies alone makes people look at you weird

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Your mother’s reaction when she hears you went to the movies by yourself, even though you had a blast.

8. How you feel when someone corners you at a party

… and then wants to chit-chat about the weather.

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9. The amazing and alive feeling you get when a different stranger corners you at the same party…

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but bares her soul to you because you live for meaningful conversation.

10. We may seem shy, but deep down we feel like this

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The completely different, and killer, side of you that only those few, fortunate people who take the time to know you get to see.

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