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8 Survival tips for couples constantly separated by business trips

If you want to know if your partner is a keeper, leave.

Not permanently, of course. But go on and feel at ease taking that business trip to Nowhere, USA, because if your relationship is strong, time spent apart can’t break you. You should both be able to leave, focus on doing good work wherever your company sends you, and then return home to your safe place — and to the loving safety of your marriage or relationship.

So why then do so many couples fight while one partner is away on a business trip?

It’s easy to feel lonely and resentful when your partner is away, especially if you’re the one always stuck sitting at home on a Friday night while he is in Los Angeles having a lovely work dinner, complete with wine and sushi. To boot, your partner is likely not going to take too kindly to your lack of support when he/she would probably rather be at home, and not in a hotel room.

And it’s no different if you’re the one whose job requires a lot of travel. Couples who are forced to spend time away from one another have to work even harder to ensure they make their relationships a priority, even when they’re miles away from home.

Difficult? Yes. But it can be done — it can even be fun.

Dating and sex coach Sienna Sinclaire says distance is no excuse for severing all forms of communication and connection with your partner. These are her eight tips for keeping love alive when one or both of you are on the road: 

1. Talk every day

Considering how many ways there are these days to get in touch with someone you love, there’s no excuse for not speaking every single day or several times a day. “It can either be by text, Skype, email or phone,” Sinclaire said. “It’s one thing to check in on the kids while you’re away, but it’s especially nice for the other person to hear that you’re just contacting them to say ‘hi.'”

2. Don’t forget the sexy communication

Sinclaire recommends mixing up the content of your texts or phone calls to keep your partner on his toes and feeling the love. “Send your lover a sexy text before he heads to work while away or after he gets home to the hotel.” A sweet “I’m just thinking of you” text proves you have more on your mind while you’re away than whether he fed the dog.

3. Have tech sex

Before you head to bed, schedule some time with your sig-o where you turn on Skype or FaceTime and have the most technologically advanced sex of your life. Sinclaire suggests performing a strip tease for your partner, talking naughty to each other, and asking him to do something NSFW on himself — then reciprocating with his request. With hope, you’ll both wind up sleeping peacefully.

4. Give corny “thinking of you” gifts

Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it’s always nice to know your partner was thinking of you and just had to stop into that little gift shop to buy you a corny T-shirt or teddy bear. Women are used to being on the receiving end of gift-giving, but we’re pretty sure most men would love to check into their hotel room after a long flight and find a sweet little bamboo plant as a “good luck” charm.

5. Make a surprise appearance

Sinclaire cautions that you should be careful with this one. If you are 100 percent sure your partner would love to find you at his hotel, try this sexy tip: Get all dressed up and, if feasible, travel to the hotel. Sit at the bar, order a drink, and text him to meet you there. Kick things up a hundred notches by pretending he’s picking you up and taking you upstairs for a wild time. We’re pretty sure he’ll consider it the most memorable business trip of his life.

6. Send photos

If you’re traveling, text photos of monuments, mountains, historical sites and even your dinner or what you’re wearing that day. The idea is to make him feel like he is still a part of your day. Of course, it’s always a treat to give and receive dirty photos, but if you’re shy or frightened to send nude pics, snap a shot of your hottest lingerie on the bed with the message, “Come home soon.”

7. Celebrate special occasions, no matter where you are

Never forget an anniversary, holiday or birthday. I repeat: Even if you’re doing business on Mars, never forget a special occasion. Whether you prepare in advance to send a special gift because you know you’ll be away on his/her birthday, or simply snap a funny photo of a leprechaun on St. Patrick’s Day and text it to him, Sinclaire says it’s the small things that count.

8. Share your trip

Let your partner know every little thing reminds you of him/her by sharing little details about your trip in a creative way. If you visit a restaurant that you think your partner will love and then find out you actually have one back home, send a gift card and a note that you should go together when you return home. “Sharing your trip with your lover lets him know you care about him and want him to be a part of it even if he couldn’t be there,” Sinclaire said.

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