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7 Foods you should eat regularly if you have seasonal allergies

It’s safe to say that seasonal allergies are nothing to sneeze at.

According to allergy and immunology specialist Dr. Amy Shah, however, you might just need to raise a glass to those pesky allergy symptoms. “There are absolutely some juiced foods that contain properties that can help with the body’s allergic response,” she said.

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Not sure where to start? Shah said that if you blend the following allergy-fighting super foods into a smoothie or juice recipe, you can expect your body to fight symptoms more efficiently once allergy season rolls around. Just make sure you’re drinking enough to make a difference. “Studies support a consistent diet of these foods,” said Shah. “Most experts recommend that you ingest fresh produce consistently, increasing these particular foods three months prior to allergy season.”

1. Walnuts or flax seeds

Both walnuts and flax seeds provide a large dose of healthy omega-3 fatty acids to any juice or smoothie recipe. Shah said that the addition of omega-3 fatty acids to your diet can reduce inflammation, which is to blame for an allergic response in the first place.

2. Yogurt with active cultures

“The probiotic bacteria in yogurt can help with allergies,” said Shah, and it’s simple to blend into a juice recipe for a creamier final product.

3. Red grapes

You know how everyone is talking about the health benefits of red wine? Red wine is all the rage because it is created from red grapes, which boast anti-inflammatory antioxidant resveratrol. “This particular compound can reduce symptoms by reducing inflammation,” said Shah.

4. Cherries

Tasty cherries provide a double whammy of vitamin C and quercetin, so Shah said that juiced cherries are an excellent addition to any juicing regimen.

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5. Green tea

“Caffeine from both coffee and green tea can act as an antihistamine in the body,” said Shah. “Green tea, however, is actually more helpful.” She suggested blending fresh green tea into your juice for the caffeine boost your body may need during allergy season.

6. Oranges

As most of us know, oranges provide a wonderful dose of vitamin C. According to Shah, studies have shown that high doses of vitamin C can combat allergies by minimizing symptoms, reducing histamine in the body and breaking it down faster for quick and thorough allergy relief.

7. Apples

Include the skin when you juice your apples, and you’ll be set. “Apples are great because of their vitamin C, and also because their skins include quercetin,” said Shah.

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If you need additional allergy relief, Shah suggested that you consider adding additional foods like garlic, horseradish and wild salmon to your diet. Each of these foods is also chock full of properties that fight allergies — but they’re not great in juice, so enjoy separately!

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