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10 Ways your marriage will change after 10 years

When we get married, we believe everything is going to stay exactly the same forever and ever. And then a decade goes by and you begin to question what on earth you were thinking at the time.

Your marriage doesn’t stay the same. It can’t. It shouldn’t. The most beautiful thing about our evolving relationships is that they aren’t static and, as a result, we learn so much about each other, ourselves and this crazy world.

Ten years after you exchange vows, you’ll still love the pants off your life partner and, contrary to what every magazine has told you, you’ll still want to jump his bones. Sometimes. Assuming your kids ever leave you alone long enough for it to happen.

You may notice a few more notable differences.

1. This is what you thought life with kids was going to be like before you had them:

But this is your life. Every day:

2. This is the lingerie you wore as a newlywed (including the rose):

This is what you wore last night:

3. During your first year of marriage, you made sweet love:

Let’s just say things are a lot more interesting now:

4. After sex, you used to fall asleep like this:

Now: “Honey, I just have a little more work left to do and then I’ll … zzzzz:”

5. When you fought at one year, it was the most important fight anyone in the history of marriage had ever had:

Now? Eh, you’ve seen worse:

6. Your newlywed date nights looked like this:

Before they morphed into this:

7. You used to be so jealous of other women checking out your husband:

Now, you know damn well what you’ve built together is stronger than temptation:

8. Your money situation left a lot to be desired at one year:

But, with age, comes great financial wisdom:

9. When you started out, neither of you knew how to cook. When you weren’t eating pizza, you were serving meals that looked like this: 

Thanks to Pinterest, your meals look a lot more like food found on this planet: 

10. What you thought you’d be doing on your 10-year anniversary:

Surprise! What you we’re actually doing:

… and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

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