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6 Erogenous Zones You Didn’t Even Know You Had

We all have obvious places we like to have touched and kissed when it comes to sexy time. The lips, neck, nipples and clitoris are all great places to have caressed to get you in the mood.

But our erogenous zones are so much broader than those spots. Sure, certain body parts can bring you to climax and feel amazing, but when you start touching and exploring new places (either by yourself or with a partner) your orgasm can be that much more, well, orgasmic.

There is something about a lot of touching and almost teasing before intercourse or oral sex that can leave you wanting more — who doesn’t love a few good bites of a really delicious appetizer that gets their mouth watering and tummy rumbling for more?

We talked with a few experts who let us in on some great places and techniques to try out with your partner — some are pleasantly surprising. So settle in, take some notes, and get ready to turn the heat up during your next encounter with your partner or yourself.

The head

Why not start at the top? The head can be a great place to transition your partner out of work mode. Try a scalp massage, relationship and sex coach Ken Blackman tells SheKnows. He suggests sitting on the couch with your partner between your legs and starting at the back of their head, running your fingers upward through their hair and gently massaging their scalp.

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The hands

While this may be somewhat surprising, Blackman says our hands are “dense with nerves and exquisitely sensitive” and goes on to remind us when we touch a partner’s breasts it’s as much for our hands as it is for their breasts.

Sucking on your partner’s fingers can be very erotic. Blackman suggests looking your partner in the eyes as you raise their hand slowly toward your face. Then gently curl their other fingers, like they’re pointing, and place their index finger all the way back on your tongue. “Use your tongue and lips without teeth as you gently draw their finger out,” he adds. Remember to take extra time one the pad of the index finger with the flat of your tongue.

The collarbone

Your next stop could be your partner’s clavicle and the shallow grooves below it, which can be highly responsive to light touch, Dr. Jess O’Reilly, Astroglide’s resident sexologist, tells SheKnows.

“These small depressions are considered acupressure points that trigger relaxation to facilitate sexual response,” she says. O’Reilly suggests running the backs of your fingers over the bone and your tongue along the underside before making your way down toward your partner’s chest.

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The spine & lower back

According to O’Reilly, some people say their lower back is the most sensitive area of their body, and a handful report that tickling of this area can result in intense arousal and even orgasmic sensations. It’s definitely worth a try.

The crook of your elbow

Another unlikely place is the inside of your elbow. O’Reilly says this thin-skinned region is extremely sensitive and suggests sliding your finger against it seductively “while out for dinner as you look your partner in the eye and smile at the thought of what’s to come later in the evening.”

The belly button

You probably were not expecting this one, but hear us out.

The positioning of someone with a vagina’s navel in proximity to their Venus mound coupled with the density of nerve endings in the region makes this sensitive indentation a common erogenous zone, O’Reilly says. Some people with vulvas say they experience sensations in their clitoris through the belly button, which may be attributable to a nerve pathway that connects it to the spine through the pelvic region. Spiral your tongue around its perimeter before sliding it in and sucking gently with your lips against your partner’s tummy.

So, what are you waiting for? Go touch your partner’s (or your own), inner elbow right now and see what happens.

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