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New sex toy helps lesbian couples conceive during sex

As any couple who’s tried artificial insemination knows, the process is not a super-sexy one. It often involves a trip to a doctor’s office, which kills most of the romance right there with the first whiff of sterilizer. Even if you opt for at-home insemination, you’re still talking about a process that feels akin to basting a very large, tense turkey. But what if there was a toy that could turn this terribly unsexy process into a potentially awesome one? Well now there is — Introducing the Semenette!

I know, I know, it sounds like a 1950s, semen-powered washing machine, but I swear it’s so much better than that. The Semenette is a 6.25-inch dildo with a special pump system that simulates ejaculation with just the press of a button. Well not quite a press, more like with the squeeze of the squeezy end of the interior tube, but that’s not nearly as marketing friendly. This handy new sex toy has the potential to turn artificial insemination into an act of love-making, rather than turkey basting.

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In fact, that’s exactly what it did for its creator, Stephanie Berman of Boston, Massachusetts. According to her Indiegogo campaign, she and her wife were getting frustrated with the awkwardness of the “turkey baster” method of conception. So she got creative with dildos, designed this genius toy and put it to work. “As a result, Stephanie and her wife were able to successfully conceive their daughter, Isabella. Stephanie is proud to say, ‘I’m not only the president, I’m also a client!'” Sounds like the product-testing was fun and thorough.

While the Semenette can be a great toy for anyone no matter their sexual orientation, it is especially useful for lesbian couples trying to conceive. According to the website, “60 percent of women and lesbian couples use novelty sexy toys in the love making process. Often, these women wish they had the ability to use a device they could wear during intimate moments that safely and authentically mimics traditional ejaculation.” Up until now, there had been no alternative, safe ejaculating toy on the market. It’s pretty simple to use too — just push the tube through the dildo, make sure it locks, fill the other end with semen (or the liquid of your choice), and squeeze at the proper moment. Here’s an instructional video, if you’re a visual learner:

If you’re a non-lesbian using the Semenette, you have a number of options, even if you’re not trying to conceive. If you enjoy the feeling of ejaculation, but don’t care for semen, you can fill it with other liquids like water, or lubricant (although the company doesn’t recommend shooting any other sort of liquid inside you). It can also function as a plain old dildo, if you’d rather keep things simple.

How do you get one, you ask? You can go to the Semenette website, or donate to the company’s Indiegogo campaign which will help further the production of the Semenette V2, the new and improved version of the original. They also carry them at local sex toy retailers in parts of Massachusetts, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and Toronto, Canada.

One of the best parts about this new ejaculating toy is it was literally conceived from the love of two women, who were also incidentally trying to conceive a baby. Now Stephanie has a whole business dedicated to creating products that help the LGBT community enjoy sex and start families. But her campaign reminds us, “It’s not easy being a start up business, let alone being a business woman in a heavily male dominated industry. Your contribution empowers women, entrepreneurs and not only that, it helps us continue to spread sex positivity, love, fun and pleasure to EVERYONE around the world.” Sounds like a pretty great reason to give her Semenette a squeeze — I mean shot. Give it a shot.

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