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10 Sex fetishes you won’t believe exist

For most of us, sharing sexual fantasies is something you only do with a partner you really trust. But what if your deepest, darkest desire is really weird? Are you alone if you get turned on by something kinda strange?

Nope! The good news is that, for the most part, sexual kinks are totally normal. If you feel shy about getting your strange on, these very real and very weird fetishes may put your mind at ease:

1. Adult babies

Family Guy


Adult babies march to the beat of their own drum, that’s for sure. breaks it down as a “rare, specific, and persistent desire to wear diapers and/or be a baby at times.” Online communities like exist to connect with other adult babies and diaper lovers in an “adults only playground.”

2. Butt stuff

Butt stuff


Anal is a pretty common bedroom request, mostly from men, but some guys take their ass fetish a step further. ColosalGrandeur of eHealthForum describes his butt-licking fixation: “I’m straight, and I’ve never been molested or anything like that. But for some reason, licking a female’s butthole turns me on a lot. I can’t explain what it does to me — it’s just a feeling as if all of my adrenaline is up, along with my sex drive.”

3. Breastfeeding



Let this passage from “Breastfeeding Me” literotica, written by mamamilklover, introduce you to the weird and wonderful world of lactophilia, “I leaned forward and pressed my bare chest against hers and wrapped my arms around her. I found the hook, unfastened her bra, and pulled the straps forward off of her shoulders. She took the bra from me and tossed it on the couch. I laid back down in her lap, and began to drink the rest of her milk.”

4. Feet



Everyone knows what a foot fetish is, but have you heard of a foot hooker? In the New York Post’s “My kinky life as a ‘foot hooker,'” Olivia describes her life as a 19-year-old NYU student and foot prostitute who lets dudes lick her toes for up to $800 a week.

5. Furries



If the Entourage episode where Johnny Drama bangs a furry comes to mind, you’re on the right track. Salon calls the furry trend, involving sexy role-play in animal costumes, “the perfect fetish for our times.”

6. Hair



What’s so weird about a hair fetish? Danksteeze of Reddit says that he wants “a girl with really long, gorgeous hair to wrap it all around my d**k. Hair fetish, my ex thought it was weird as hell.” Connie, a former guest on the Dr. Phil show, revealed how her husband’s hair fetish affected their marriage. She said, “I know this might sound bizarre, but my husband is sexually addicted to hair. When Howard sees another woman with long, straight hair, I know he’s being turned on.”

7. Omorashi



If you aren’t familiar with it, the omorashi fetish may be hard to wrap your mind around. It’s best to let this anonymous Redditor explain: “I have an omorashi fetish and have had it for a long as I can remember. For those who don’t know, omorashi is a fetish with a variety of focuses; however, the most basic definition is that omorashi is when you get aroused either by you or another individual experiencing a full bladder and becoming desperate before eventually wetting themselves… For some people with this fetish, the pleasure can derive from the desperation, humiliation, the sight of the wet clothing, the knowledge that a wetting accident is a major taboo, or a mixture of all of these things.”

8. Periods



Yes, ladies, there are some men who are literally obsessed with sex during that time of the month. These adventurous chaps, aptly called “blood hounds,” take macho pride in boning during the crimson tide.

9. Pregnancy



No matter how you feel about your blossoming baby bump, there are plenty of men who have a boner love for the pregnant lady. Dr. Mark Griffiths, chartered psychologist and Nottingham Trent University Professor of Gambling Studies, describes maieusiophilia, an even deeper turn-on for the pregnant form that may result in arousal during childbirth.

10. Squashing

A few years back, Dr. Drew interviewed a guest named “Massive Mocha” on his TV show. The world has never been the same since Mocha introduced viewers to “squashing,” a potentially dangerous fetish where large ladies sit on men for pleasure.

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