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9 Things only redheads know about sex

If you’re not already spoken for, you should get with a ginger as soon as you can.

Why, you ask? Research shows that redheads have more sex, more orgasms and possibly even more passion than their counterparts with other hair colors. Seriously. It turns out that the gene mutation that causes red hair is responsible for a variation in the physical response to sex — making redheads the freaks that they are.

Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, here are nine things that gingers know about sex, that you might not. Take notes from the lustiest hair color of them all.

1. Sex once a day? Why limit ourselves?

redhead 1


Sex isn’t just something for special occasions. It’s hot any day, and any time of the day.

2. Cuddle in the afterglow

redhead 2


A ginger’s variation in physical response isn’t just sexual. Redheads feel hot and cold more intensely than people with other hair colors. The result? Cuddling during the cool down, obviously.

3. Pain isn’t so bad

redhead 3


Did you know that redheads have the highest pain tolerance of all types of people? Just think of the possibilities.

4. Opinions are a powerful thing

redhead 4


That stubborn redhead knows what he or she likes, and isn’t afraid to speak up. Better sex for all involved.

5. Give it your best, repeatedly

redhead 5


Multiple orgasms aren’t just common — they are expected.

6. Don’t freak about an orgasm

redhead 6


If you know it’s going to happen anyway, it doesn’t turn into the ultimate goal of sex. It’s a byproduct of the whole awesome experience.

7. Good sex involves all the senses

redhead 7


It isn’t just a physical act. It’s sensual, spiritual and visual. Chalk that piece of knowledge up to a redhead who knows a thing or two about emotions.

8. Hot makeup sex is the flip side of an impassioned partner

redhead 8


Sure, a hot-tempered partner can be challenging at times. But just think of all the fun to be had!

9. Blondes sure don’t have all the fun

redhead 9


Both blondes and brunettes have significantly less sex than redheads. Gingers are the life of the party, y’all.

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