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A man’s hands can tell you if he’s husband material

If you want to know more about a man and how he will treat you, don’t look into his eyes. Don’t ask him questions. Don’t observe his behavior. In fact, a new study says one of the best ways to know how a man will treat you is to look at his hands. Does that sound crazy? That’s because it is a little. The length of a man’s fingers tells you a lot.

As it turns out, the shorter a guy’s index finger is compared to his ring finger, the more likely he is to be a stellar dude who treats women well. Meanwhile men with index fingers and ring fingers that are close in length, or whose index fingers are longer than their ring fingers, aren’t quite as swell.

One might wonder how such a thing is measured. In this case the researchers measured the fingers of 155 men and women, and for each calculated their digit ratio–that is, the length of the index finger to the length of the ring finger. For the 20 days that followed, they measured every social interaction the people had and categorized them.

Crazy, right?

For some reason, this is not the same for women. The amazing thing is that there is some scientific evidence for all this. Previous research has found a link between finger length and the amount of testosterone and other male hormones to which a fetus is exposed in the womb, with small ratios indicating higher levels of the hormones. And we all know what less testosterone means, right?

This is pretty awesome news for the dating world. No more long first dates and second dates and God, third dates. Now we can just weed people out upon first meeting. Got a bad ratio? Move on good sir! It’s efficient. And you know what? I buy it. I plan to check my husband. What happens if it turns out his fingers say he’s bad for women? Should I divorce him? Time will tell.

Do you buy this at all? Will you check your man?

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