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Man’s selfie proposal really might be the cutest in history

Cute proposals sometimes feel like they are a dime a dozen, but even so, every once in a while, one comes up that makes you stand up and take notice. This man’s adorable selfie proposal is that kind exactly.

The man in the video sets his girlfriend up by making her think he’s about to take a selfie and then asks her to marry him instead. But it’s her adorable, sincere, shocked reaction that makes this worth watching. See below:

Sometimes I get cynical and dislike when men have to do all the work in proposals and women should have a lot more say in the rest of their lives than they do currently. That said, sometimes the surprise is part of the romance.

I wasn’t surprised when my husband proposed. We’d been talking about our marriage for months by then. But the way he did it was so over the top and romantic (a scavenger hunt all over the city) that it was hard to complain. I mean, come on. Any woman loves romance. But proposing is an awful lot of pressure for guys and it just seems kind of old fashioned to put it all on them. Just once I’d like to see an over-the-top, awesome proposal… from a woman! Is it possible? Sure.

I actually do know a couple of women who did the proposing and it was super cool. Would you ever? I’ve been married 12 years and was only 24 when I got engaged, but looking back, I see no reason why I couldn’t have done it myself. I knew what I wanted. Had he taken any longer, it’d be nice to think I’d have done it myself. Take charge, ladies!

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