8 Stages of how it feels to wake up early to work out

Getting up and working out is an excellent goal to make, and often early-morning workouts are the only ones we can fit into our busy day. That being said, it may not be all that easy to hop out of bed when that alarm rings at 5 a.m. Here’s what we go through before we actually step one foot out of bed.

1. “Nope”


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Just, no. It’s not that time, is it? The sun isn’t up, the birds are not chirping and it’s too cozy here.

2. “Just a few more minutes”

Snooze button

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Extension of the “nope” stage, the snooze button ensures that we get another nine-minute block of sleep. Is it worth it?

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3. “I should get out of bed right now

Waking up

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Once you get through the first two stages, your eyes probably open. What’s next?

4. “I just can’t do this today… maybe tomorrow”

Back to sleep

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Just a few more minutes of shut-eye. Plz.

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5. “Well… maybe I’ll just stretch here in bed”

Pink Panther stretching

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You’ve planted seeds of motivation in your brain. You can feel them start sprouting now.

6. “Let’s get going — I’m going to be a badass today”

Pep talk

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A self pep talk is definitely where it’s at.

7. “This is definitely going to be so worth it. I can do this.”


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Memories of endorphins and that post-workout glow are coming back.

8. “I cannot wait to get going”

Happy and running

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Kick off those covers and hop out of bed. Good job!

9. And then the afternoon rolls around

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