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Divorce hotel offers quickie marriage-ending weekends

Getting a divorce can be months (or even years) of legal headaches, but now a new hotel wants to change all that. The divorce hotel offers semi-quickie divorces in which people can check in as a couple and check out single (with just a few weeks left to process). Sound weird?

The divorce hotel has been in Europe for a while, and the concept has done well. After all, who wouldn’t want to have some spa treatments, good food and pay-per-view while going through something that is normally horrifically painful?

The people doing this kind of thing probably don’t arrive at the idea to divorce overnight. The dissolution of a marriage happens over time and much heartbreak. So this idea? Is stellar. Once the decision is made, why prolong the agony?

The question, of course, is this: Are these divorcing couples having one last fling? One last roll in the hay before it all ends? The answer: Some are. Some aren’t. Some check into separate rooms. And some… don’t. Personally, I can’t imagine ending a marriage amicably and not wanting to be together one last time for old time’s sake. But then again, I don’t hate my spouse. An acrimonious divorce is not exactly a turn-on. Though the divorce hotel largely caters to those on friendlier terms. Those who hate each other probably are headed to court and a long, wicked battle.

This seems like a much more civilized procedure. Sometimes marriages just don’t work out. It’s no one’s fault, and no one hates anyone else. This is a great ending for that kind of breakup. And once the tears have been shed and the pain has been expressed, it would be nice to go for a steam, facial and manicure, right?

I can only imagine the relationships that could form here too. So much opportunity. So many single people. This is an idea I would definitely utilize if I ever were to divorce. How about you?

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