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Consumers take to Facebook with concerns about hep A contamination

Clear your freezers, smoothie lovers, because berry packs have been recalled across the country following a hepatitis A contamination, and consumers are taking to social media to share their shock and anger.

You’d be forgiven for thinking having a green smoothie in the morning was a healthy option for breakfast, but since a contamination of berry mixes has resulted in several people contracting hepatitis A, it might be best to put a hold on the berry smoothies for a while.

Nanna’s frozen mixed berries were taken off the shelves after several cases of contracting hepatitis were reported. But Patties Foods has since extended its consumer recall to include Creative Gourmet mixed berries as there have been at least five reported cases of people contracting the disease so far.

The berries were said to have come from China and Chile and were then repackaged in Victoria.

With safety and health concerns rising, managing director of Patties Foods, Steven Chaur, said the company is responding to the public’s concerns.

“We have decided that all our frozen mixed berries should be recalled until such time as we receive the results of further laboratory tests,” Chaur said. “I know consumers are a little bit frustrated with us at the moment in relation to the speed at which we’re responding, but we are using our best endeavours to make sure we get back to everybody with the right information at the right time.”

A “little bit frustrated” is a bit of an understatement, with consumers taking to social media saying it’s too little, too late.

“I have lost over 5kg due to constant nausea, loss of appetite, fevers and abdominal pain. I have spent over $100 on doctors appointments and medication to stop the vomiting and now have to go back to the doctors to be tested for Hepatitis A (sic),” one customer, Miles Carlier, wrote on Nanna’s Facebook page.

“My son is recovering from recent heart surgery and we thought we were feeding him a high vitamin food source and now we have to worry he may contract hep A! Very disappointing,” said Jonelle Muir Papley.

Better Health Channel Victoria describes hepatitis A as “a viral disease that affects the liver. It is spread by direct contact with items that have been handled and contaminated with faeces (poo) from an infected person.”

Have you eaten Nanna’s frozen berries recently? Here’s what to do:

  • Monitor your symptoms, which can include a fever, vomiting and nausea.
  • Visit your doctor for consultation and tests.
  • If you’re concerned your product might be contaminated, contact 1800 650 069.

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