Oversharing in a relationship just might keep you together

Have you ever sat on the toilet in front of your partner? Or farted without making a mad dash to another room? Well, chances are you’re not just being gross, you’re shaping a long-lasting, nourishing, completely healthy relationship.

By a show of hands, who else here has woken up extra early just so you can apply makeup in the bathroom before your partner of about three minutes wakes up? Great, so I’m not the only one. Good to know.

Well, as it happens, being gross in front of your partner is what makes for a lasting relationship. So, instead of reapplying your makeup in the morning, closing the toilet door while you pee and leaving flatulence for well-ventilated areas, it’s time to cut loose and be as gross as you like, or so says a new study.

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According to this new piece of research, in which more than 2,000 couples were interviewed, the more lax you are in your relationship, the more likely it is that you’ll stay together. Probably because after a while, you’ve realised that your partner knows too much and it’s better that they stick around, rather than give them an opportunity to talk about what you’re really like behind closed doors. According to research, after about a year, couples begin to enter the comfort zone, that warm and fuzzy place free from judgement or care, where walking around naked with unshaven legs is completely socially acceptable and your usual attire is track pants and pyjamas. Goodbye, brushed hair — or teeth — and hello, long-lasting relationship.

The research was commissioned by the Measure Digital Bowel Health Test, which said it takes about a year before people really get comfortable in their relationships.

“At first, we’re very conscious and don’t want to be seen as anything but our best, but gradually over time we let people in more and more as our trust and confidence builds,” a spokesperson said.

So does all this letting go mean we’ve given up on romance and are more content with comfort?

“Some might say the signs you’ve reached that place in a relationship can signal an end to the romance, but it’s a good sign that you’re comfortable in your partner’s presence and can share any topic or worry with them without fear of being judged,” the spokesperson said. Which can also mean a great foundation for a lasting relationship.

These couples look like they are on to something in their relationship, if the study is anything to go by.



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