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High hopes for Valentine’s Day? Don’t count on it

For some, it’s the most romantic day of the calendar year. For the more cynical, it’s just another commercialised holiday. But if you’ve got high hopes of being wined and dined by your partner this year, perhaps you shouldn’t hold your breath.

Loved-up, matched-up and united lovers, your national holiday is fast approaching. So what have you got planned? Are you expecting to be taken to that fancy new restaurant that just opened up? Or perhaps you’re expecting some sparkly new jewellery or a fabulous and well-thought-out gift?

Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news and all, but according to a recent survey by branding agency, Arc, while 40 per cent of women hope they’ll be wined and dined at a restaurant over Valentine’s Day, only 20 per cent of men actually plan such a thing.

And while the survey was done by a Chicago firm, we can hardly imagine Aussie blokes would be all that different, especially after hearing how lacklustre Aussie couples can be when it comes to romance. In a recent survey by, Aussies said they would rather use the hotel bed to chill out and watch television than to make love. So that’s it, ladies. Valentine’s Day is officially ruined and it hasn’t even come yet, excuse the pun.

“This Valentine’s Day, we’re calling on Aussies to put the ‘hot’ back into their hotel rooms and lift the nation’s reputation in the romance stakes,” said regional director, Katherine Cole.

If going to your hotel room with your partner and finding out they’d rather watch telly than get hot under the covers isn’t enough to ruin your Valentine’s Day, then take a look at some other Valentine’s Day fails.

When you get invited to a “blind” date on Facebook:

Ordering a heart-shaped pizza for Valentine’s Day dinner and it doesn’t even look like a heart:

Having your partner show how permanently devoted he is to you and your beautiful name:

Realising that this is where you’re heading for your romantic dinner:

Giving someone crabs for Valentine’s Day:

Regifting is never okay on Valentine’s Day:

When Pinterest fails and Valentine’s Day fails collide:
What are you forcing your partner to plan this Valentine’s Day?

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