New Twitter app will reveal your secret crush

If you’ve ever had an unrequited crush (and most of us have) and if you have ever found out a year later — when it’s too late, natch — that the guy you were crushing on actually loved you all along, then you have no need for CrushBot (and you aren’t human). If you are like the rest of us, this Twitter app could change your life.

In order to use CrushBot, you follow it on Twitter. Then you send the names of your crushes. If they are crushing back, then you get an email informing you of that. It’s that simple. Imagine the pain it saves.

In college, I had a huge crush on a guy for four years. It was only three years after school — when I was already married to someone else — that he told me he’d had that same crush all that time. Now, obviously, I am very happily married and have no regrets about that. But it would have made my college life a lot happier if I could have been with the guy I was infatuated with all that time. Am I right?

CrushBot could have helped with that.

I get the sense that this app might be used by cheating married people, which is always bad. But this doesn’t seem to discriminate. Also, it’s a little nerve-wracking to put yourself out there and give such personal information. But if it worked, how awesome would that be?

Sometimes we are simply too scared to take that leap ourselves and make ourselves vulnerable to rejection. This helps with that. After all, you don’t want to end up like me, with a long-term crush that actually could have had a happy ending and now just sits in the back of my head as something that could have (should have) been. Dang. I wish I’d had CrushBot back then.

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