Marriage deal breakers, thanks to #RuinAWeddingin5Words

Not all marriages are made to last for richer or poorer and in sickness and in health, and that is painfully clear, thanks to the #RuinAWeddingIn5Words trend. With just five words, you could have someone heading for the hills.

1. Leave it up to Maury Povich to share the big news

We know how that situation ends up when Maury Povich says those simple five words. Wedding officially off.

2. Rule out alcohol at the reception

A wedding without an open bar? How else are you going to get each of your families mingling together and dancing to old tracks from the ’80s?

3. Put Bill Cosby behind the bar

Actually, maybe a wedding without alcohol isn’t such a bad idea, after all.

4. Rule out marriage completely
Wedding ruined, all right. Especially for those who still can’t legally marry.

5. Continue your unhealthy obsession with One Direction
Expect the wedding to be ruined by anyone who’s more interested in following One Direction on Twitter than their actually ceremony.

6. Take the reality television route

We all know how that turns out, and yes, I’m looking at you, Blake Garvey and Sam Frost!

7. Invite your guests to be social media marketers

That annoying moment when someone suggests a wedding hashtag to be used by all guests on the day. Just stop the ceremony now. It’s over.

8. Forget your priorities

A travesty, really. Cake should always be a priority.

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