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If people were honest about women’s bodies (VIDEO)

The standards of beauty women are faced with on a daily basis are ridiculous, but the real meaning behind the everyday comments we receive is even worse.

BuzzFeed has really knocked it out of the park with its latest video. It’s called “What people are actually saying when they talk about your body” and it shows a variety of women making comments about other women’s bodies.

The comments range from, “I’m looking you up and down, because I’ve been socialised to judge other women and take advantage of that,” to, “I’ve been conditioned to be critical of myself and use self-deprecation as a cover up, so people don’t think I’m conceited, but the truth is, I look amazing.”

They sound ridiculous, but they’re the subliminal messages we receive and send out all the time. It’s time to make a change. Take a look at the video here:

Video credit: BuzzFeedYellow

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