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Someone you know is likely a victim of domestic violence (VIDEO)

A video campaign featuring the likes of Tara Moss, Charlie Pickering and Natasha Stott Despoja sheds light on the shocking frequency domestic violence is experienced by Australian women.

“Most men are not violent, but the vast majority of acts of domestic and sexual violence are perpetrated by men against women.”

These are the chilling words of Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police, Ken Lay, who appears in a poignant Our Watch ad campaign, which brings attention to the issue of domestic violence against women in Australia.

The statistics are even more sombre than his words: One in three Australian women suffer physical abuse in their lifetime, one in five are sexually assaulted and, almost every week, one Australian woman is killed by her partner — former or current. Spread the word and share the video to help end the cycle of violence against women.

Video credit: Our Watch

For information about how you can report or learn more about domestic violence in Australia, visit the Our Watch website.

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