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So you think you can flirt?

If someone asked you if you know how to flirt, most of you would reply with a resounding yes. But, apparently, you can’t flirt. A new study has shown that most people don’t realise someone is flirting with them. It seems that people often rate themselves so low that they can’t see obvious flirting.

Only 18 per cent of women are able to tell if someone is flirting with them. This is what a new study has shown, and statistics for men are almost as bad, with only 36 per cent of men being able to tell if they are being hit on. While most of you know when someone is not interested in you, it seems that the majority of you have no idea when someone is interested in you. So, what can you look out for in future to be able to tell if someone is flirting?

It’s all in the eye contact

Eye contact is often not a great way to gauge much about a person, as there are so many cultural variances that correspond with it. However, in many cases, if someone you are chatting to is holding your gaze intensely, this may be a sign of interest at the very least. Play around with the eye contact by occasionally looking away and then looking back to see if their attention stayed or strayed. If their eyes remained on you, then it is likely that they are taking you in. This means that they may be interested in you more than you realise.

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One guarantee about eye contact is that if it happens with a stranger from across a room or in the street, then there is more than likely an attraction. If this happens and you feel interested in the other, give them a smile and see if this is returned. Smiling is an invitation for further contact or communication, which might lead to something more.

Facial expressions are a giveaway

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to know if there is flirting happening is in a smile. Obviously, when you like someone, you smile at them more to accompany those feelings of fluttery excitement. While this may not be a fail-safe way to gauge flirtation, when coupled with checking out eye contact and other body language, you may be able to make an accurate assessment. Men tend to touch their hair more when they are flirting, as well as moving towards you, becoming more animated and tilting their heads. If there is chemistry there, it is likely that the signs will show with body language and facial expressions. So, if you are feeling attracted to someone and want to know if they are flirting, pay close attention to their behaviour.

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Take a risk

If you are unsure if someone is flirting with you and you feel attracted to them, why not take a risk and check it out? While overtly asking might be quite uncomfortable, perhaps place your hand in a neutral place and see if the touch is reciprocated. If you casually place your hand on their arm, see how they respond. If they pull away, that probably means they aren’t interested in you; however, if they let it linger, it could be a sign of attraction. If they touch your hand or reciprocate the touch, it is almost guaranteed that they are flirting back. Once you know that there is flirting going on, it can become a fun interaction with cheeky banter and sexy innuendos.

Flirting can be a fun way to test out potential dates or to let someone know that you find them attractive. Being open to flirtation and aware of the signs above could make you better at reading the signs when someone likes you. Perhaps knowing that you are unaware when someone is flirting could be enough to get your radar going, which means you will be more open to potential flirting. Lastly, remember that if you find someone else attractive and available, don’t be shy in showing them by making eye contact, flashing your beautiful smile and approaching them. After all, women are allowed to pursue their desires, too!

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