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Are you an insatiable sex goddess?

For too long, there has been the misconception that men want sex more than women. However, new research is now busting this myth and painting a new picture of female sexuality. Apparently, women are quite highly sexual and can’t seem to get enough.

The old adage is that men want sex and women want a relationship, often relegating female sexuality to the back seat. But studies are showing that, not only are women highly sexual, but they find a far wider variety of stimuli sexually arousing than men. Scoff if you like, but according to Daniel Bergner’s new book, What Do Women Want?, female sexual nature is wild and rampant.

Don’t believe the hype

While many women have been led to believe that sex is secondary to family, children and love, ancient texts have been praising the insatiable nature of women’s sexuality for centuries, though mainly within the safe confines of marriage. This is until, of course, the Victorian era when sexual desire in women became largely frowned upon. Since then, psychology, religion and society have perpetuated the myth that women have a lower sex drive than men.

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We only need to glance at mainstream media to see how society perpetuates the myth by encouraging male sexuality while repressing female sexuality — from adverts that appeal to men’s sexual nature but to women’s nesting instinct, to endless movies that portray the pursuit of sex in boys’ coming-of-age tales. The depiction of women being more valuable “untarnished” continues as we see endless articles about whether or not women should disclose their “number” to a potential mate, or how long to make him wait before having sex.

Discover yourself

In his book, Bergner explores every explanation about female sexuality — from evolutionary psychology to lab rats and monkeys, to remote tribal cultures. What he concludes from all of this is that the suppression of female sexual desire is rife, perhaps because it is a little scary. He asks of a male in an African tribe in which clitoridectomies (removal of the clitoris) are performed on young women why that practice takes place, to which the response is, “So our wives will be faithful.” This clearly implies that there is knowledge of the carnal nature of women and, yes, it must be repressed.

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Is it possible that your social conditioning can change the way you behave? There may be divided opinion on this, but why not change your thinking and give your innate sexual nature an outlet? It certainly can’t hurt, and if anything, could open you up to new and unexplored parts of yourself. All too often, women allow themselves to become what they are told to be, whether consciously or subconsciously, and this can result in a denial of their true nature. Rethink your sexual self, assess your sexual scripts and try a new way of relating with yourself and the world. You may be surprised to discover your inner sex goddess raising her hand and stepping forward at the first opportunity.

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