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3 Things you didn’t know about your clitoris

The clitoris is the only organ in the body that is designed purely for pleasure, and yet, until recently, very little was known about the true potential of this powerful erogenous zone. It turns out that the clitoris has even more capacity for pleasure than the penis, and is almost the same size!

Most of you already know that your clitoris can bring you endless pleasure. In fact, it is the only organ in the human body designed purely for pleasure. Whether you discovered your orgasm during sex or masturbation, 75 per cent of you are having orgasms from direct clitoral stimulation. While Freud may have thought that clitoral orgasms were a sign of immaturity, he clearly didn’t possess one.

It’s bigger than you think

What you see of your clitoris is a small percentage of its size. The clitoris actually extends to envelop your vaginal canal, almost like it is giving your vagina a hug. For those of you who experience vaginal orgasms, it is likely the internal stimulation of your clitoris that gets you there. Some women feel inadequate when they struggle to climax from penetration alone; so take heed in the fact that most of you are having clitoral orgasms, sometimes internally and sometimes externally.

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The penis pales in comparison

The anatomy of the clitoris is almost identical to the anatomy of the penis. The part which we can touch and see externally is much like the sensitive head of a man’s penis. The internal spongy tissue is the same as the shaft of the penis which grows during arousal. What makes the clitoris better than the penis is that it has double the amount of sensitive nerve endings, all of which contribute to feeling sexual pleasure and orgasm.

Women get erections, too

Much like the penis becomes erect during arousal, so does your clitoris. All that erectile tissue that is so similar to the tissue in the penis becomes engorged with blood during arousal, causing your clitoris to get an erection. This makes your clitoris tighten around the vaginal canal, preparing your body for orgasm. All women are unique, so sometimes you may not be able to visibly see the swelling during times of arousal, but be assured, you are getting an erection when aroused. The interesting thing about the swelling of the clitoris is that it takes a few hours to go down, unlike the penis, which can lose the erection much faster.

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Consider yourself lucky

Consider yourself lucky that you have this amazing organ in your body and use it as much as you can. Orgasms are an amazing way to relax and release stress. Knowing that your clitoris is very different to what you may have imagined and that it is a pure pleasure centre might make you see your body in a different way. Always remember that it takes women more than three times longer to reach full arousal than men, so give your body a chance to warm up to the ideal temperature before having sex. You never know: Your orgasms just might move to another dimension.

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