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25 Good reasons to stay single

Have you ever watched your smug, married friends wrangling kids and playing happy families and found yourself yearning to be coupled up? Hold that thought. #WhyBeInARelationshipWhen has seen over 100,000 tweets in a couple of days. So, with the help of Twitter, we’re revealing the top 25 reasons to stay single.

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You can have a committed relationship with Netflix

Who needs romance when you can have Ryan Gosling and the Hemsworth brothers on tap?


You don’t need to share

Yes, you can eat a whole box of Krispy Kremes and no-one is going to fight you for the last one or ask, “Don’t you think you’ve had enough?”


The boys of One Direction aren’t married yet

Follow the band on Twitter and you never know your luck. You’re still in with a chance until they all say “I do”.


It costs less

If you don’t have anyone to go out to eat with, go to shows with or do activities with all the time, you will probably be less likely to do those things and, thus, you won’t be spending so much money.


A dog will give you unconditional love

You can yell at a dog and it’s still happy to see you when you get home from work.


You can be a social butterfly

You don’t need to check with anyone else before making plans. If you want to do something at the last minute or hang out with a different person every night of the week, no-one is stopping you.


No need to compromise

You can have sole possession of the remote control without hearing, “Are you really watching this rubbish?”


You can have the whole bed to yourself

You won’t have anyone to complain when you fling your arms and legs about or try to sleep diagonally across the bed.


You’ll always have pizza


You can have friends with benefits

All the fun of no-strings-attached dating with none of the drama.


You can reach for the stars

Go for all those wild, adventurous dreams — like working on a cruise ship or backpacking around Turkey — while you are still footloose and fancy-free.


With social media, you are never alone

During the ungodly hours of the morning, if you feel lonely, there’s always someone awake in the world to talk to on Facebook or Twitter.


You can embrace your inner sloth

You can sloth around all weekend without getting out of your jammies or even having a shower.

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You’re happy being single

You’re not one of those girls who needs a Jerry Maguire moment to feel complete.

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Food doesn’t backchat

You don’t get attitude from your favourite food. It won’t judge you or give you a rating out of 10.


Your parents will feel sorry for you

What better way to get free room and board?


You’ll get better grades

When you’re studying for exams, it’s easier to study and have higher grades if you don’t have the distraction of a relationship.


There is no-one to rain on your parade

You can stay out all night partying without getting text messages demanding to know where you are and when you’re coming home.


There is no need to play nurse

If you’ve ever had a partner with man-flu, you’ll know the common cold signals the end of the world. Instead of mopping sweaty brows and fetching drinks, you’re free to do what you want.


You don’t have to pretend to like sports

You won’t be forced to pretend you care if the Sydney Swans don’t make the Grand Final and you won’t have to waste summer indoors watching cricket.


You are happiest living in a fictional world

You can mentally lose yourself in a book and fall in love with characters like Edward Cullen.


It doesn’t matter if you don’t shave your legs

Embrace your inner natural goddess and let the hair on your legs grow. Seriously, shaving is a pain and who’s going to know?


You don’t need a man

You’re an independent woman who can get by just fine without a man. Buy yourself a set of tools and relish your independence.


You’ve already found the one


You can have higher standards

It’s okay to throw away your list of unrealistic expectations, but don’t settle for a bloke just because he has arms, legs and is breathing.

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