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10 Facebook friends you should delete

Annoying Facebook friends — we’ve all got them. But how can we identify which friends to keep and which ones to promptly delete? We’ve got a pretty good idea, so here’s our list of 10 Facebook friends that should probably be ousted from your online social sphere.

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The over-sharer

The over-sharer makes a simple scroll through a Facebook newsfeed a seriously awkward situation. Their status updates about their marriage being on the rocks will leave you shaking your head, wondering why they ever thought it appropriate to air their dirty laundry, so to speak, so publicly.

Keep or delete? Delete. Unless they’re a really close friend, of course, in which case you should give them a phone call and ask what’s up. If you’re not close enough to invite them out for a coffee, or aren’t interested in their life and their issues, it’s probably best to delete them from your friends list.


The cry for help

The cry for help is someone who’s using Facebook as a means of sharing their life problems. They’re sad and they’re going through a rough patch and they express this by sharing sad quotes and awful music clips.

Keep or delete? Delete. If you think this friend isn’t in a good place, and they’re not just having a bad day, reach out to them and ask if they’re all right. Or, simply send them a personal message wishing them a good day. But if this type of status is commonplace for them, it is probably time to delete them. Nobody needs constant negativity in their life.


The selfie-obsessed

The selfie-obsessed is the type of Facebook friend who has whole photo albums dedicated to their selfies. Selfies in the morning, selfies before bed, selfies in bed pretending to be asleep, selfies on holiday, selfies having breakfast — the list goes on.

Keep or delete? They’re having fun and enjoying themselves, no doubt about that. Enjoy the fun selfies or, as they say, if you can’t beat them, delete them.

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The negative Nelly

The negative Nelly is just, well, so negative. They hate their job, the people they work with and their landlord, and all they want to do is tell the world they’ve had a bad week, or month, or year.

Keep or delete? Uh, delete, of course. If you’ve got negative people in your feed, then you’re bringing negativity into your life when it doesn’t need to be there. Delete them, stat.


The overzealous foodie

If you have an overzealous foodie on your hands, then you probably know what they ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner this week and what restaurant they went to for brunch on the weekend. We get it; food snaps are fun, and delicious-looking meals are envy-inducing, but if all you ever hear from this person is about what’s on their plate, it sounds like it might just be time to hide their notifications.

Keep or delete? If you love the foodie pics, of course keep them on your list, but drop the hint and tell them you’re waiting for your invite out to lunch.


The gamer

If we receive one more invitation to play Happy Farm, we may just consider deleting Facebook altogether. Yeah, right. But on a serious note, the gamer is that friend who shares their game conquests in order to reach the next level. Unless you’re playing the same games, it can get annoying when their notifications clog up your feed.

Keep or delete? Deleting might sound a little harsh, so we’re going to go with hiding notifications on this one, unless you’re a gamer, too, and also rely on shares to get to the next level of Candy Crush.


The fiery activist

There is nothing wrong with someone with a passion who is fighting for a cause. That is awesome. But when they make a comment on the picture you shared of the mean osso buco you made last night with a link to an animal rights Facebook page, then that’s probably too much.

Keep or delete? Hey, we’ve all got things we’re passionate about, but when people force their ideals onto others, that’s not cool. If they’re proving to be too much for you, delete them, but sometimes it’s good to be faced with opinions other than our own.

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The absentee

The absentee hates Facebook. They don’t have any images of themselves on their account, they don’t engage and they’re afraid their privacy is being invaded. Despite all this, they keep their Facebook account active, just in case they need to get in contact with someone.

Keep or delete? Keep this one if you really must. It won’t make much difference either way. But it will become annoying if you try to keep in touch with them and they don’t return your messages.


The romantic

Oh, isn’t love a glorious thing? We love love, we love being in love, but do we also love seeing couples get cutesy with each other on their public Facebook pages? No, we don’t.

Keep or delete? Unless you’re okay with that overzealous foodie-paid lunch coming back up again, we’d suggest delete.


The spoiler

The spoiler is probably the most annoying of all Facebook friends. They ruin movies and books and your favourite television shows by posting spoilers in their newsfeeds. Make sure you’re all caught up with Game of Thrones before you read the spoiler’s posts.

Keep or delete? If you ever want to enjoy your favourite television shows, movies or books again, then delete.

What do you think? Would you keep or delete these Facebook friends? Which other Facebook friends would you delete? Let us know.

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