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Get fit and raise money for cancer

Being overweight can be frustrating, isolating and even depressing, and trying to lose the weight can only compound those feelings. Weight loss doesn’t have to be a daunting task; it can be an empowering one and Can Too is making that possible.

Megs before and after photos

Photo credit: Can Too

In October 2008, Megs made a decision that would change her life forever and she has achieved more than she ever thought possible. She was lonely, overweight and depressed and never would have thought she was capable of achieving some of the goals that she has now accomplished. Filled with nerves and with no idea what to expect, she walked into her first Can Too run program. The program was filled with friendly people and supportive coaches, and the environment was positive and fun. Now fit, at a healthy weight and with a busy social calendar, Megs can truly say her life has been transformed in the best way possible. She has completed more than nine programs, including half-marathons, ocean swims and, now, a triathlon.

Giving back

Throughout her Can Too journey, Megs feels that she has been honoured and privileged to be not only a participant, but a mentor and team captain as well. Of all of her Can Too achievements, mentoring remains her favourite part. She thoroughly enjoys helping others, especially those who feel they don’t have the fitness or ability to complete their target event or fundraising goal. To see them go from terror and nerves on night one to pure joy and exhilaration on race day is something very special. Among all her fitness achievements, Megs is also proud to have raised over $10,000 for Can Too and Cure Cancer Australia.

Anything is possible

The single best thing Megs has taken away from Can Too is that you can achieve your dreams. It does take some hard work and dedication, but it is possible. She has learnt that it’s how you get over the setbacks that count. There were many occasions when her depression was at its worst: She didn’t shower, could barely get out of bed and only ate junk food. But, as a participant, mentor or team captain, the one thing she did was to make it to Can Too training — no matter what. Her team members were there for her. “All these years later, I have so many wonderful friendships. I no longer suffer from depression and I am well on my way to being at my goal weight,” Megs says.

Megs’ top tips for getting fit and achieving
your dreams with Can Too


Take the first step

Register at and plan to arrive in good time on the first night of training, no matter how scared or unfit you feel. This is often the hardest part — that very first step of making the commitment.


Follow the program and anything is possible

Can Too will create a day-by-day program for you that even includes rest days. Follow this and you will be able to run, swim or cycle distances you never thought possible.


Challenges are not a bad thing

Being challenged keeps things interesting and it keeps you coming back for more. Everyone has the odd bad day, but it’s not the end of the world. You just need to accept it and let it go; more than likely, the next session will be brilliant.


Enthusiasm is contagious

A grin and a great laugh can actually disguise all kinds of fears.

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