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100 Frisky ways to spice up your love life

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Make up a secret language

Whether it’s a secret language or funny code words, you will have a way of communicating to each other when you want to escape a party or have a covert request for nookie.


Makeover the bedroom

Having a bedroom that’s buried under a pile of washing is not very conducive to lovemaking. Give your bedroom a makeover and turn it into a love nest.


Be silly

Being married with kids and having responsibilities can weigh a person down, so every now and then, it’s good to let your hair down and just be silly.


Learn something new

Try a new hobby together — learn photography, learn how to speak French, take a martial arts class or music lessons. It doesn’t matter what you do, so long as it’s something you can do together.


Play doctors and nurses

Crank up retro ’80s band the Thompson Twins and do a little bit of role playing. Your heart will be racing when he whips out his big stethoscope.

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Try sexting

Send each other racy text messages throughout the day with promises of what you’re going to do when you get a few moments alone. Be careful not to text the wrong number.


Break the record for kissing

Get out your stopwatch and on your marks, get set, go! The world record currently stands at 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds.


Cook wearing nothing but aprons

Explore the world of naturism. It’s probably not a good look if you have small children or friends over, or no curtains.


Say five nice things about your partner every day

Make an effort to give your partner at least five compliments a day. Instead of complaining about squeezing the toothpaste in the middle or dirty socks up the hallway, try positive statements about their appearance or tasks they’ve done well.


Dare to talk dirty

Okay, not every bloke likes dirty talk in the bedroom, but how will you know if you don’t try? Start out with PG-rated talk like, “I’ve been a naughty girl!” before you dive into the depths of talking like a sailor.


Don’t live in each other’s pockets

Yes, it’s fabulous to be in love and want to spend every last minute with each other, but how is he ever going to miss you if you’re constantly in each other’s faces. Remember to maintain your individuality.


Discover your love language

Everyone experiences love differently. Some people feel loved up when they’re showered with gifts or perfect compliments. Find out what your partner’s language of love is and fill up his tank.


Make him a playlist of sexy songs

Make sure you include some old classics, like Samantha Fox’s “Naughty Girls Need Love Too” and Clarence Carter’s “Strokin'”.


Learn to laugh

You might accidentally fart while making love or scream out the wrong name, but it can help lighten the situation if you have the ability to laugh at yourself.


Get saucy

Drizzle warm fudge sauce, raspberry topping and add lashings of whipped cream for a sweet late-night bedroom dessert. Things might get a bit messy so be sure to use old sheets that you don’t care about in case they get ruined.


Have a quickie

Spice things up with an impromptu pounce. He might be washing the dishes while the kids are outside playing, so seize the opportunity to drag him into the bathroom and have your evil way with him before the kids notice you’ve disappeared.


Explore the great outdoors

Having sex outdoors in a public place can be exciting, particularly when there is the risk of being caught. Just make sure you’re not in a country where you’ll end up in jail if you get caught.


Write your own sexy song

Grab your guitar and play your honey a sexy song you’ve written just for them. It doesn’t matter if you can’t sing, it’s the sentiment that counts.


Love in an elevator

Ever wanted a Grey’s Anatomy moment? Next time you’re visiting a loved one in hospital, hit the stop button. You probably have a couple of minutes before someone calls for maintenance.


Take a mental health day

When was the last time you called in sick and stayed in bed all day, watching telly, eating lollies and making out? It’s fun! You should try it sometime.

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