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100 Frisky ways to spice up your love life

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Drive somewhere you’ve never been

Jump in the car and drive. Turn off the GPS and, while you’re on the way to your unknown destination, assume new identities. Stay in character for the rest of the night.


Phone sex

Phone sex is a poor substitute for the real thing, but when you can’t be together, sometimes it’s the next best thing. Make sure you’ve dialled the right number before you ask that age-old question, “What are you wearing?”


Go commando

Wearing a skirt and going commando might be a bit breezy if you’re not used to it, but your partner will find it super sexy when you casually announce over the restaurant table, “I’m not wearing knickers.”


Make your own fortune cookies

Plan an Asian-style meal with fortune cookies with a difference — X-rated messages. When your partner cracks open his cookie, it will reveal what you want to do to him.


Messages on the bathroom mirror

Sneak into the bathroom when your partner is showering and leave a steamy message or draw a naughty picture.


Make a visit to the toy shop

Go on a shopping tour to an adult store and make a few purchases to try out when you get home. There’s a lot to choose from, from blindfolds and furry handcuffs, to things that buzz in the night.


Let your partner undress you

Put your body image issues to one side and let your husband undress you. The act of removing your clothes is very intimate and is designed to create desire.


Leave love notes around the house

Get creative with your love notes — scrawl “be mine” in lipstick across his car window or stick coloured Post-it notes all over the house.

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Go to the gym and get fit together

New York marriage relationship psychotherapist, Dr. Jane Greer, says exercising together has a physical and emotional impact on relationships.


Let him brush your hair

There’s nothing like the feeling of having your hair played with. Hand your man a hairbrush, sit between his legs while you’re watching TV and let him brush those locks.


Ask him to scrub your back

Ask your partner to wash you while you’re in the bathtub, paying extra attention to those special spots that get extra dirty.


Leave a trail of chocolates

Instead of a trail of breadcrumbs leading Hansel and Gretel back home, leave a trail of rose petals or chocolates to where your bloke will find you waiting and ready for a bit of slap and tickle.


Watch a sunrise

Set the alarm for well before the sun comes up and, armed with coffee and croissants, head to the beach and watch the sun come up.


Buy each other humorous undies

Underwear doesn’t have to be boring. How about buying him a pair of elephant pants? You won’t be able to stop laughing.


Rent a steamy movie

We’re not talking X-rated, just enough to turn the temperature up to sizzle.


Treat your man like a king for day

Try being a slave to his desires for 24 hours. Your bloke will love being the one in control. His every wish will become your command. Don’t forget to swap roles where you are the boss for the day.


Make a voucher he can trade in

Vouchers are a cute idea for birthdays or anniversaries. Make them yourself with simple statements like, “This voucher entitles the bearer to a one-hour foot massage, a 10-minute back scratch or one night of passion.”



Often called Dr. Love, Dr. Paul Zak believes a person needs at least eight hugs a day to feel happy. When hugged, the brain releases oxytocin, a natural chemical that makes you relaxed and happy.


Snuggle up in front of an open fire

When winter comes around, there’s nothing like turning off the lights and snuggling up in front of an open fire with a glass of mulled wine and toasted marshmallows.


Write each other wish lists

You might find it hard saying out loud what you want in the bedroom, so write each other a list of wishes that you can explore together.

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