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100 Frisky ways to spice up your love life

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Plan a treasure hunt

Leave a trail of sexy clues indicating where to go and where to find his prize. You could be at a fancy restaurant, in a hotel room or hiding in the garden shed naked.


Graffiti the footpath

Splurge on a packet of chalk and graffiti the pavement with love messages and romantic doodles. Take photographic evidence.


Play photographer and model

Give your hubby the camera and let him direct you in the model shoot of a lifetime. Like all good models, you have to do exactly what he says.


You can leave your heels on

Wearing stilettos to bed can make you appear like a little bit of a saucy minx and apparently dudes dig it. High heels can also make your legs look longer and are good for inflicting pain if you’re into Fifty Shades of Grey kind of stuff.


Have an ultimate fantasy night

Save up and book a luxurious suite at a fancy hotel for you and your partner. Do it in A-list celebrity style and arrive in a limo, try out the hotel’s fine dining and indulge in a night of decadence.


Watch the sunset

Go hiking up a mountain or a small hill (if you’re not a fitness fanatic) and snuggle up with your darling, a blanket and a chilled bottle of your favourite wine.


Midnight nudie runs

So, it’s not the most mature thing you could do, but this list is all about having fun and doing those things you wouldn’t normally try. Warning: You may be arrested for indecent exposure, but the risk factor is the thing that gets your pulse racing.


Skinny dipping

For those who have seen Jaws and Piranha 3D, it’s probably best to try skinning dipping in a swimming pool. It’s all the fun of swimming but with an adrenalin rush.


Go to a bad movie and make out

It’s expensive to go to the movies and walk out, so instead of walking out, make out. Relive your teenage days where you fed your date popcorn, snuggled up and let your hands go wandering.


Have a water fight

When the weather is scorching, this is a fun way to cool down. Whether it’s wrestling with the garden hose or in sniper mode with super-soakers, you’ll have a few laughs and, according to experts, laughing is great for one’s sex life.


Try body painting

Get naked and use various body paints to create a masterful piece of artwork you can get framed and hang in your bedroom.


Use bath crayons

Bath crayons are non-toxic paints designed for kids. You can use them to draw on the bathroom walls or each other and make bath time together more fun.


Renew your wedding vows

Redo your “I dos” at a simple ceremony in front of friends, or jet off to a drive-through wedding chapel in Vegas. It’s a good way of remembering what you vowed to each other in the first place.


Camp in your lounge room

Camping with all the creature comforts of home without leaving your house is a fun way to spend a weekend. Snuggle up on a blow-up air mattress watching rubbish TV and eating junk food while the kids are with your parents.


Go on a romantic picnic

Pack up a gourmet picnic hamper, grab a rug and find somewhere peaceful to spend a few hours. Take a loaf of bread to feed the ducks or share a chapter from your favourite book.


Take turns reading Fifty Shades of Grey

Don’t hide away under the bed covers reading your naughty novel; take turns reading chapters together each night before bed.


Go glowstick crazy

Forget candles; go glowstick crazy. Fasten glowsticks around your wrists, ankles and neck and turn out the lights for a little glow-in-the-dark bedroom fun.


Invent your own cocktail

Create your own sexy signature cocktail. You’ll have fun taste-testing various concoctions and then inventing a name.


Try out the Kama Sutra

If you’re not sure what the lotus flower or the Amazon positions are, it’s time to find yourself a copy of the Kama Sutra and work your way through the book in bed.


Write each other naughty limericks

“There was a young lady called Jill, who used sticks of dynamite as a thrill.” You get the picture. You don’t have to be good at spelling or poetry.

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