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100 Frisky ways to spice up your love life

It can be hard thinking of ways to spice up your relationship. We’ve got 100 frisky ways you can freshen things up. Along with some innovative ways to escape the relationship rut, there are some time-honoured classics you may have forgotten to try.

Couple plaing footsie

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Naughty calendar reminders

Set up alarm reminders in your partner’s phone that will pop up with saucy messages during their work day.


Play footsies

Out to dinner with friends or family? How about letting your feet do the wandering. Warning: Be sure to find the right lap.


Join the mile high club

While the flight attendants and everyone else on board knows exactly what you’re doing, if it floats your boat, go for it.


Go parking

Parking is what your parents and granny used to do when they were teens. For some retro fun, cruise up to a lookout over the city, turn up the radio and steam up some windows.


Lights! Camera! Action!

Make your spouse a movie clip telling him what you want to do to him and where he can find you. Email it to him at work to spice up his day.


Get rid of the TV

Confiscate the bedroom remote and get rid of the TV in the bedroom — you be his entertainment. You want his full attention, not him watching late-night sports updates over your shoulder.


Banish those once-were-white knickers to the bin

Get your sexy back and go and buy yourself some nice lingerie — bras and undies that match. Remember those days where you wouldn’t be seen dead without lacy underwear?


Play dress-ups

Get your Tarzan and Jane on. Swing on a rope tied to the ceiling fan and deck out the bedroom with plants if you have to. Not your thing? Borrow a flight attendant uniform or dress as a French maid.


Tease him while on the phone

If he’s in the middle of an important conversation to his mother or his boss, let your fingers do the talking. Chances are he won’t be able to stop grinning.


Do housework in the nude

Nude housework saves on getting your clothes dirty. It will also give your partner something to look at while you’re dusting, polishing and doing dishes.


Turn his six-pack into a table

Why eat at the table when you can spread out your dinner on his washboard stomach and lick it clean? Okay, so he might not have abs of steel, but you get the picture.


Flash him

Whether you’re walking past the lounge in your dressing gown or going braless in public (which is not advisable unless you’re quite perky), a quick flash of your flesh can indicate your interest.


Be demanding

Tell him exactly what you want and when you want it — and we don’t mean telling your bloke you want the dishes done and the lawns mowed by the time you get home from picking up the kids.


Be a superhero for a day

Hire superhero costumes (or make your own) and head out into the street for a day of fighting petty crimes together and doing good deeds — help an oldie across the road, top up a parking meter or stop a litterbug.


Bet on board or card games

The stakes are high and the competitiveness comes out when you have something to lose. Get a little frisky and up the ante with prizes, like the loser is a slave for a day or has to provide a three-hour massage.


Use flirty tactics to distract

If you can’t win — cheat! Use flirty tactics during games of pool, like leaning over the pocket where the ball is aimed at and showing off your cleavage, or pinch his bum just as he’s about to take that winning shot.


Turn basketball into a contact sport

The saying goes, “Couples that play together, stay together,” so why not try a little one-on-one. Rub your butt against him when he’s trying to steal the ball from behind or smother him with kisses when he tries to shoot.


Act rich and famous

Pretend to be rich and famous for a day. Visit million-dollar open homes that you could never afford or visit exclusive car dealerships and go for a test drive.


Play strip Jack naked or strip poker

What could possibly be more fun than a good old classic like a game of strip Jack naked or strip poker? You’ll feel like you’ve been whisked back to your teens.


Take a spontaneous vacation

Spontaneous means absolutely no planning — that’s half the fun. Once you finish work on a Friday night, grab your stuff and drive. Find a motel once you reach your destination and, if you have to sleep in the car, that’s all part of the adventure.

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