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Tempting holiday hook-ups you should avoid

Single over the holidays again? Add loneliness, a few too many drinks and it’s a guaranteed recipe for disaster. It can be tempting to seek solace in the arms of, well, basically anyone who offers when you’re lonely, but there are some hook-ups you should avoid.

woman flirting with coworker during christmas holiday

The ex

Sex with the ex is never a good idea, despite what you may tell yourself to justify the hook-up. Whether it’s just the thrill of luring your ex in, driven by nostalgia in an attempt to recapture the past, or an opportunity to let him know what he’s been missing, chances are it’s all fun and games until old feelings start to re-emerge. Then suddenly, like a flash flood, all the old feelings are back. What happens next? You’re expected to go back to your life and pretend nothing happened? Presto! Back to square one, and it’s like reliving the breakup all over again. If you keep repeating chapters of your life, the ending will never change.

Your boss

It never ends well. Real life is not a scripted Hugh Grant rom-com where the girl gets the guy and everyone lives happily ever after. It might be fun keeping the relationship secret from your colleagues, sending saucy emails and planning clandestine meetings at lunch, but it’s important to keep your professional life and personal life separate. What happens if things go sour? It’s not just your heart on the line, it’s your career. This is one situation where you shouldn’t be afraid to tell your boss no.

An old family friend

Wanting to get all kissy-kissy with a family friend (translation: best mate of your parents who has known you since you were still in nappies) is just wrong on so many levels. It may have temporarily worked on Friends for Monica and Richard, but this is real life. The allure of forbidden romances can be thrilling, but you need to be realistic. This person will be invited to most future family events, even after you are no longer an item. It doesn’t get much more awkward than that… unless he’s discussing his sexual antics with your dad.

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Work colleague

A few too many umbrella cocktails at the annual office Christmas party and everyone starts to look pretty good. Depending on your company HR policies, fraternisation (hooking up with a co-worker) may be frowned upon and could result in you both losing your jobs if the head honchos find out. A breakup could also mean an instant enemy whose idea of getting revenge is to undermine you at work and sabotage your career.

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Your best friend

Having a sexual relationship with your best friend is becoming more socially acceptable — all the fun without all the hassles of being tied down, right? Wrong! Psychologist Suzanne Phillips believes friends with benefits are more likely to end up not being friends at all, particularly when one party has more expectations or false hope it will evolve into a relationship.

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