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Fitness classes to bring your man to

If you’ve been wanting to share your love of fitness with your partner, or just want him to be more active, why not try and twist his arm with some of these great fitness classes you can do together.

Couple exercising togther

Power Yoga

What it is: This isn’t your average yoga class, it’s more fast-paced and focuses on repeating key strength poses. If your beau doesn’t want to head to a yoga class with you because he thinks it’s just stretching, get him to go along to a Power Yoga class and he’ll be sure to be tested.

Why he’ll love it: It’s fast and focuses on strength.

Where: Check out PowerLiving in Sydney and New Farm Power Yoga or Flex Hot Yoga in Brisbane.

Ultimate Frisbee

What it is: Ultimate Frisbee is one interesting game: There’s no referee, it’s a non-contact sport and it is played all over the world. Head along to an Ultimate Frisbee group and you’ll be running around so much you’ll work up a sweat.

Why he’ll love it: It’s just like rugby, there are similar rules and goal areas, but there are more opportunities to run around and chase after each other.

Where: Check out leagues in New South Wales and Melbourne.

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Aerial Yoga

What it is: Aerial Yoga is mix of aerial arts, dance, yoga and Pilates and uses specially-made hammocks. Just tell your boy you’re going to a yoga class and all he has to do is sit in the hammock, which is not entirely false.

Why he’ll love it: Again, for the guys who think yoga is for girls, get them to try AcroYoga — it will seriously encourage him to trust himself and he’ll be swinging from the ceiling, literally, in no time.

Where: Check out Flight Skool in Brisbane, the home of AntiGravity Yoga in Australia, and Life of Flight in Sydney.

Spin class

What it is: Spin classes are great for the heart and are a full-on cardiovascular workout.

Why he’ll love it: You probably won’t have to twist his arm for this one if he’s into his fitness. Challenge him to a race or to a higher cadence and you’re sure to win him over.

Where: Try Highlight Fitness and Method Fitness for great spin classes in Brisbane.

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What it is: Taekwondo is a great martial art that is actually great for the whole family too.

Why he’ll love it: This is a great physical activity that you, your man and the kids can do all together. If you want to organise some family activities or just some alone time with your man, this is sure to please everyone. It’s fun as well as challenging and competitive.

Where: Check out Taekwondo Australia for more information.

Boot camp

What it is: If you’ve ever watched The Biggest Loser then you’ll have an idea about what boot camps are all about. But, basically, it’s an outdoor fitness regimen which can include anything from strength training to interval training.

Why he’ll love it: This one is great for the macho guys — they’ll love flexing their muscles by the end of it and will love watching you do burpees and push-ups.

Where: Check out No Regrets Personal Training Boot Camp for Women in Melbourne.

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