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30 Ways you can make someone’s day today

Woman arriving at a potluck


Dote on your partner, tell them you love them, that you appreciate
them and that they mean the world to you.


Bake a cake for a friend or family member.


Surprise the kids with a special day out to their favourite restaurant or amusement park.


Make biscuits or lunch treats to share with the office.


Be a good listener when people talk to you. Look them in the eye and be attentive.

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Acknowledge the special events in the lives of the people around you. Remember birthdays, anniversaries and special dates — remember them and acknowledge them.


Put on a surprise birthday party or dinner for a friend or family member.


Cook dinner for someone who is having a hard time financially.


Be the word of encouragement for someone who is trying to improve their health and fitness.
Invite them out to a healthy lunch or share some healthy recipes with them.
And, of course, let them know when they’re doing a good job.


Recommend a small business owner’s company to friends and family
and email them a testimonial so they know they’re doing a great job.


Organise a casual dinner party and invite the family over to get them all together.
It could be as simple as pizza in front of the telly, but they’ll be sure to appreciate it.


Spoil your BFF by taking her to get a manicure.


Leave a tip at your favourite coffee shop the next time you buy yourself your morning cup.


Leave a good review for your favourite hotel, café or restaurant on Trip Advisor and
send them an email to let them know they’re great.


Leave a surprise love note for your partner on their pillow for them to find at the end of a long day.

Tell us

Complete at least one of these things today and you’re sure to make someone’s day. Have fun and let us know in the comments below which ones you’ve tried.

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