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6 ways to revive your sex drive

Most women suffer from a low libido from time to time, but the good news is, this is a problem that can be fixed. To rev up your sex drive and get sex sizzling again, go down the natural route — you’ll be pleasantly surprised!


Go herbal

Before you try over-the-counter medicines, it’s a good idea to try treating your flagging sex drive the natural way. Herbs are a great place to start. For example, the South American plant, maca, feeds the endocrine glands that produce and release sex hormones, which in turn boosts your libido. If fatigue is the cause of your low libido, tonic herbs like ginseng build stamina, increase energy and lower emotional stress. Add a teaspoon of these herbs to your smoothies and juices.


Look to the East

According to traditional Chinese medicine, low libido is the result of kidney deficiency. If you’re feeling way too tired and achy for a sack session, try a few Eastern remedies and see if they make a difference. Saigon cinnamon, Chinese yam, Asian cherries and peony root, black sesame seeds and chicken liver are exotic yet effective foods for increasing a woman’s libido.


Clean up your diet

Fact: If you eat well, you’ll feel good. So it makes sense that if you want to revive your sex drive, you need to eat a nutrient-dense, balanced diet. The Mediterrean diet, which is made up of vegetables, fruit, nuts, wholegrains and olive oil, is a fantastic one to follow. It improves overall health and has the ability to boost both female and male sex drives.

Ditch fatty and sugary treats (which will make you feel sluggish in and out of the bedroom) and load up on foods that are high in vitamins and antioxidants. Zinc is directly connected to a woman’s sex hormones, so increase your intake by digging into oysters, crab, cashews, chickens and chickpeas. Antioxidant-rich foods like blueberries, raspberries and dark chocolate are also great choices, while spices like chilli, ginger and nutmeg stimulate circulation “down there”.

Essential fatty acids are also great for improving sexual health, so aim to eat oily fish like salmon two to three times a week. Finally, vitamin B calms the nervous system and improves sexual function, so head to a chemist or health shop and ask for a good-quality supplement.

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Take time to relax

The female sex drive is multifactorial: It’s influenced by physical, psychological and emotional issues. If you’re stressed or depressed, the cortisol hormone floods your body and can kill your sex drive. (If you’re on antidepressants to counter stress, they may be having the same relaxing effect on your sex drive.) To get your libido to a healthy level, it’s crucial to get your stress under control and meditation can be a huge help. Wake up 10 minutes earlier every day and allow yourself to just sit there. Let the thoughts flow and try not to start analysing them. If you can master the ability to “let go” and “just be”, you’ll put yourself on the path to an amazing sex life.


Exercise daily

People with a healthy sex drive are energetic, vibrant and relaxed. What ticks all of those boxes? Exercise! Working out pumps “feel good” hormones through your body and gives you a burst of energy and a sense of satisfaction at the same time. To rev up your libido, try to exercise at least three or four times a week and do a mix of cardio and strength-based activities. Running, weight training, boxing and pilates will do the trick.


Do your Kegels

Had you forgotten about these? No problem — it’s never too late to start. Kegel exercises strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which enhance the sensation and pleasure of sex. Do 10 daily and see what happens. The best part? No-one will ever know!

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