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Kick the kilos with science-based diets

There are thousands of ways to lose weight but some regimes are starting to get more scientific using specific hormones and blood types.

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So many of us are on that cycle of trying to shift weight and tone up, however, for every kilo you lose it seems you put on another five!

Here is a look at two ways science might be able to help us lose those unwanted kilos for good (or at least give us a great kick-start).

The HCG hormone diet

All humans produce small amounts of a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). In women, though, this hormone is produced in large quantities when they are pregnant and it assists the expectant mother and baby by breaking down fat and using it for energy.

Dr Karen Coates from the national-run program, Real Food, Real Weightloss, offers a structured diet that incorporates the hormone.

“Using the nasal spray in conjunction with a low calorie diet will allow for rapid weight loss,” Dr Coates said.

“When the program is followed correctly, the nasal spray assists the hypothalamus to reset the body’s metabolism ensuring that when you return to a normal healthy eating program, the weight you have lost stays off.”

Although it sounds relatively easy, this kind of diet should be done in partnership with a doctor or health expert, and in combination with the right kind of nutrition that is specific to this plan.

Dr Coates says, “Clients on a six week program can lose between six to 12 kilograms, with the average weight loss being around 8.5 kilograms.”

The blood type diet

As the name suggests, this type of diet is based on your specific blood type. Many celebrities have been known to follow this kind of eating regime, including Demi Moore and Miranda Kerr.

Once you have identified your blood type, you can find the diet category you fit into. Although, many say it’s not necessarily a quick weight loss plan, but more of a lifestyle guide you should follow to ensure your body is getting the appropriate nutrients specific to your make up.

Author of the original blood group diet plan, Eat Right 4 Your Type, Dr Peter D’Adamo recommends each blood group follows a specific type of eating plan (including cutting out particular foods) and tries specific exercises, ranging from upbeat, vigorous exercise for one blood group to slow-paced yoga for another blood group.

Examples of preferred lifestyle plans include:

  • Type A — high carb, vegetarian diet with gentle exercise and meditation
  • Type B — varied diet with meat and dairy, but moderate-paced exercise
  • Type AB — similar to the acceptable foods of A and B types, with relaxing exercise
  • Type O — high protein meat diet, with aerobic exercise
This diet needs a strong commitment to changing the way you eat, however, Dr D’Adamo has tried to make it easier by offering recipe books for each blood type and several other helpful tools.

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